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Pacific Hotel- Mussoorie

Hello Everyone,

So today I’am going to share another adventure of mine from my travel blogging experience. So I need a break from work and was thinking of going to Mussoorie with my gang. I have been to Mussoorie many a times, it’s like a second home but I have never been to the famous Camel’s Back Road and this time we thought of staying there. So after a thorough R&D we came across a property called Pacific Hotels on the Camel’s Back Road. This 11 month old property is a baby to a 15 year old Pacific Hotel in Dehradun. The 4 star hotel has gained lot of love from Dehradun and have recently opened up a new property in Mussoorie.

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Those who don’t know, Camel’s Back Road isn’t far from the main Mussoorie Mall Road, in fact it’s at a walking distance but the beauty of this area is that it’s completely secluded from the hustle-bustle of the mall road. Another reason for opting for this property was the view. The hotel has the best view of the lower Himalayas from most of the rooms. Also what makes the experience so blissful is the fact that the area is lush green and very peaceful. The quiet and calm area enables you to enjoy more (at least for me it worked).

We booked 2 suites and they were beautiful. Very minimalistic and a view to kill

for. The room consisted of:

– A dining area.
– A drawing room with a view.
– A working table with a view.
– A small kitchen area.
– A master bedroom.

– 2 bathrooms.

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The rooms were clean and very comfortable. The suite can accommodate 3-4 people as apart from the master bedroom there is a sofa cum bed too. The view from my room was spectacular which made it hard for me to leave the room.  What I really liked about my room was the large windows where I spent most of my time. The whole experience of sipping tea with the view of the hills was exactly what I was looking forward to.

What made my whole experience so good was the hospitality of the hotel. The staff left no stone unturned in order to provide us with the best service. The management and the staff was not only courteous but very warm and welcoming too. Since I just didn’t want to leave my room, it was nice of them to serve my meals in my room only.

They had every intention of spoiling us I guess, because the food was so scrumptious. From Indian food to Chinese, every meal I had was just amazing. In fact the food of the hotel was so good, that for the very first time I didn’t have a proper meal at the mall road or any other restaurant for that matter and that’s saying something.

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The overall experience was blissful. From the rooms , the view, the food, the service, the management and staff, everything was so good that it made my trip a memorable one. This property is a must visit on my list because in comparison to the properties on the mall road, it has a better view and is greener. Also there is a difference in the temperature of around 2 degrees down in comparison to the mall road area which is another reason I loved it. They have a total of 30 rooms wherein you can choose amongst the Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Suite category. Just a walking distance away from the mall road, this property is worth a visit. My travel buddy Ruchika Das wrote about this hotel too.

Do read what my friend SURUCHI has to say about Country Inn Mussoorie.



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23 thoughts on “Pacific Hotel- Mussoorie

  1. Such a cozy looking room with an amazing view. I love going to hotels because they feel like a vacation in itself! Would definitely check this out later on!


  2. This sounds like a wonderful place to stay! It has everything a hotel needs: good service, great food, and comfortable accommodations. Plus there is a beautiful setting! Who can ask for more?


  3. Mussoorie is a great place for a weekend getaways but these days it has gone overcrowded too. So, I always prefer staying away from the mall road. The pacific hotel and the food served really looks cool. next time I am surely going to check this property. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Sounds like a nice little place. Any place in Mussoorie is fun. Did you even get to see Landour? I personally preferred staying in Landour to Mussoorie.


  5. Mussorie brings back lots and lots of memories! the grand sunsets, the oak and Deodhar trees, the winding lanes, the tiny cafes and the fragrant forests! Thanks for taking me back. The hotel looks cozy and comfortable .Looks like you really enjoyed!


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