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Ranbanka Palace- The Mini Jodhpur

Why I named my review as Mini Jodhpur for Ranbanka Palace is because it gives you a glimpse of what Jodhpur is all about. For me Jodhpur was always been a city full of traditional values and cultures. It’s not just another city, but it carries a plethora of historical happenings.


Talking about Ranbanka, it is one beautiful looking palace with lush green surrounding and with an aura of Jodhpur in itself. When you enter the palace, you can listen to mesmerising tunes of folk music and enjoy it while you’re sitting outdoor sipping a cup of hot tea.


We spent two nights at the palace and they were indeed the most memorable ones. We had booked a suite in their Jodhana Wing which to our surprise was huge and that all the amenities one needs were available. If you feel like running inside the room, you can. They have divided suite into three parts i.e Bedroom, Drawing Room and Private Sit Out. The eye opener for us was their outdoor sitting which was just spectacular. The washrooms are decent in size with glass enclosures.


The Jodhana wing is equipped with all the basic and luxury amenities such as swimming pool, Spa, Traditional Restaurant and small shops from where you can buy Rajasthani goods. So if you miss out on anything while exploring the city, you will not regret it, you can buy it from the Palace inside.

On the second night, we were upgraded to their Royal Suite, there is only one word to describe that room, GIGANTIC. This suite had a bathtub, toiletries by Kama Ayurveda, a bigger than king size bed, mini bar with a refrigerator, a huge private sit out with a view of the gardens of Ranbanka and many more things. If you are looking for luxury, this room is for you!


We were really pleased with their mind blowing hospitality and food quality. Do not miss their Rajasthani Thali, it’s just mouth watering. The staff was very courteous and professional. We did not have to tell the staff about anything for a second time; whatever we wanted, they provided it promptly.


This palace has a history behind it which is really very interesting. So I suggest you all to ask the manager and he will be delighted to share it with you all.

Fellow travelers, book this palace without hesitation and you will definitely live like a royalty.


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One thought on “Ranbanka Palace- The Mini Jodhpur

  1. Heh! I don’t know much about Jodhpur, so cannot compare to Mini Jodhpur. But it looks like a nice place to stay. Especially the food!


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