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Remote Life

Travel the World! Work Remotely! Meet Awesome People!


The Remote Life is a program that brings together professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, live and travel.

3 Months | 3 Countries | 30 Extraordinary People

Destinations: Indonesia, Cambodia & Thailand
On a mission to get more & more people out of their cubicles and into the real world. Work should not come in the way of travel. Travel is freedom. Remote Life is a step in making sure that nothing comes between you and your independence to see the world.
Why be bound to a location when you can move around?


Launched December 5th,2016. Received 670+ registrations
till date. Effectively we have 20 applications for every
position available.

How it Works
We take care of the research, organization, and booking of your flights, stay, desk space, and everything else so you can see the world, without leaving your work.
We do not provide remote jobs. The Remote Life is a group of like minded people that travels the world while working, not a holiday or vacation package.

Cost: USD 1300/month
Founder: Nishchal Dua
Over the last few years, I have built 2 companies and traveled 7 countries at the same time. Now on a mission to help people change their work lifestyle. A few months back I was at the Mt. Everest Base Camp and a lot of the inspiration for Remote Life came from
there. I’m a serial entrepreneur, frequent traveler & trekking freak.

With The Remote Life, we are aiming for a diverse,balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. Everyone is verified through public social profiles and I personally call up before finalizing.

Talking Points
How to travel the world without losing your job!
Travel with a group of interesting people!
Travel to South East Asia for 3 months!
Experience local culture, cuisine, languages & work at the same


Nishchal Dua (

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16 thoughts on “Remote Life

  1. Kudos to Nischal Dua for coming up with such an exciting new venture. It is a brilliant opportunity for travelers to meet new people, explore a new country, attend professional workshops and do all this while working on their regular jobs. The amenities being provided by The Remote Life make sure that the guests face no inconvenience while working. The twice daily assured meals do away with the stress of having to cook or eat out everyday. It is a work trip but also a vacation and that is the fun of it.


  2. This is really an informative article for those people who loves traveling a lot but is not able to do so due to their busy work schedule.This article shows the brilliant mind behind making the organization the remote life a grand success.


  3. Well, for some life is travelling but reality check is responsibilities. And now thanks to Nischal Dua. Responsibilities can be done while we can live our dream, the passion and the work are managed simultaneously. One can get away from monotonous boring routine. By meeting new people and interacting with new culture the person is able to unlock new horizons in life. It gives different perspective to people. It makes room for the person to live up to their aesthetic aspiration.


  4. The idea of working while travelling is supercool. Those who couldn’t travel thinking about income losses due to travelling can relief up now as ‘The remote life’ has sorted out all your worries related to this issue. You can travel to the 3 exotic countries now easily along with your work. All thanks to the initiative of ‘The remote life’.


  5. As quoted by Prophet Muhammad ‘Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled.’
    Sometimes people who want to be traveler has to satisfy themselves just being a tourist and that kinda sucks.
    The remote life here is turning those unfulfilled dreams into reality. Take the shot it’s worth it.


  6. We travel to know that we are not alone . Most of the world on any working day is closed in the offices but the innovative idea of Nishchal Dua is encouraging people to do something out of the league and enjoying the travel without worrying about the work getting piled up . Kudos!!!


  7. Bravo! This is the most unique and ingenious concept that I have ever come across. In the materialistic and monotonous era that we live in , money has become the measure of a man’s success and to earn money ,man slogs all day long. His wanderlust is lost somewhere. This idea of remote life combines wanderlust and work. With this you can shoulder your responsibilities together with fulfilling your passion to travel across the globe. All thanks to Mr. Nishchal Dua and Remote Life!
    If a man was supposed to dwell at the a single place for a lifetime , he would have roots and not legs!


  8. “We travel not to escape life; but for life not to escape us.” This ingenious and innovative concept, which The Remote Life program has come up with, is the ultimate solution to satiate the fernweh of individuals who are sick of cramped offices and have grown weary of their 9 to 5 work schedule. The Remote Life helps millennials and freelancers from across the globe, to come together and help each other grow. This serves as a perfect getaway from the mundane lives which the individuals are living within the length and breadth of their office cubicles. It serves as the doorway to a stress-free environment where one gets a break from their petulant bosses and certain annoying office snitches. While planning a vacation, people are often worried about the travel logistics, stay, food, etc. but the team at Remote Life caters to all such needs so that one can focus wholly on their work. Not only does it provide the opportunity to meet 29 other like-minded individuals but it also sets up community meetups and workshops, conducted by the local entrepreneurs. One gains friends and experiences for life. It is worth every penny. Kudos to the team at The Remote Life for putting forth such an outstanding idea!


  9. People try to make money to get experiences. Nishchal Dua gives us the opportunity to do both simultaneously.
    In the hustle bustle of daily life, we are forced to suppress our wanderlust and move on within the confines of our monotonous four-walled office. Us busy bees have to spend ages saving up or waiting for that leave. Now, thanks to ‘The Remote Life’ and their minimal costs and superb facilities, we can seize every opportunity and satisfy every whim.


  10. I was always particularly impressed by the idea of vagabonds while I was a kid yet was explained by everyone the importance of work which was something the vagabonds did not do. Eventually, I started enjoying my work a great deal but had this unsaid, hidden desire to explore and travel while I could work.
    The mere idea of being a digital nomad is so exhilarating, let alone be the complimentary experiences and fun one would have on the trip. Working in the day while earning money and strolling by the beach in the night, what more could one want from the busy and stressful lives we live?


  11. “There are some things you gotta experience to understand… And travelling is surely one of them.” There are so many professionals, entrepreneurs around who atleast once dreamt of living a vagabond life, a carefree life. But the current social setup contrived them to sit 8 long hours plugged onto their computer screens in their packed office cubicles. But all it takes for a change is a simple initiative. Kudos to “The Remote Life” and “Nishchal Dua” for thinking out of the box and being the change. Going places, interacting with people is a lifetime experience, adding to all the fun is that you get to earn at the same time. Any phrase will be too short to praise this idea. Be it a work trip, but is no less than a free life where your work doesn’t enslave you. You are a free bird exploring the apogee of the limitless sky.


  12. Such captivating article. I applaud The Remote Life for beginning such an awesome program, especially the way it merges one’s natural desire for travelling to everyday work. It won’t just help someone to escape the tidings of their daily life, but will go ahead and introduce them to all the things that lie beyond our four-walled-world: so many people, places, histories, cuisines, natural beauty and so much more.


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