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Why Should You Travel?

Hear From A Girl Who Never Travelled!

Traveling is a big term and there are many reasons for one to travel, including recreation, tourism or vacation, for gathering information, for holiday’s, visitations, migration, religious pilgrimage’s, mission trips, business travel and the list can go on and on. The word “Travel” was most likely originated from the old French word “Travail”. As per the Merriam Webster dictionary, the first known use of the word travel was made in the 14th century. Everybody have their views on the importance of travelling and in the course of history, travel has become quite easier, quicker and a lot of fun. 
But the question we should ask is, “Why should we travel?” Today, we are sharing some thoughts from a dear friend who has never really experienced life within and beyond the border and the important things she has been missing out on in life.
She says, “Travelling is fun but it can come with many aspects attached to it, especially for somebody like me who has never travelled much, which makes it a little more challenging to step out of my comfort zone.” Many new travelers may also feel conflicted about the idea of exploring different geographical parts of the world by themselves, not being sure what to expect most of the times. By conflicted, it does not mean that they do not want to travel, they surely do, but because it’s a new concept for them to explore, it can be both nerve wrecking and breathtaking.
Well, that is not all, today we are going to share some very strong reasons on why she wants to begin travelling now and what she feels she has been missing out on for so many years. Let us go through the below reason’s to capture the notion of first timer’s and why should one plan a journey once in a while:
Experience of a Lifetime:
For someone who has never travelled, the thought of it is definitely fascinating. They might have a certain notion or image in their mind about how a certain destination would look like but it can be truly magical when they do experience it at first hand. It is an experience of a lifetime, although it can be nerve wrecking to finally step out and explore different regions of the world. 
Travelling can be the best practical education one can receive. It is really good to gain knowledge and understanding and is about the realization of the many cultures existing in the world. It helps bring us closer to our natural environment and demands us to value life in a way we would have never done. Travelling leaves a much better and a far longer impact on the brain than a book can ever do.
Personal Enlightenment:
The best part about these journeys we take is that it educates us about ourselves. It enlightens us about who we really are and shows us our strengths and weaknesses which would have been gone otherwise unnoticed. It makes us more confident and strong in life and grow as an individual.
Skill Improvement:
When life throws new challenges at you every day, then there is zero percent chance not to learn from it. That is exactly what travelling does. The unknown is the biggest challenge which helps us improve and better ourselves. Travelling helps our skill sets and confidence to rise on daily basis.
For new travelers, like me, it can be very intriguing to know what else is out there. Who would want to take risks of getting lost or not having a place to stay while travelling to different cities? It is not easy for a new traveler to just up and leave, it has to be well planned. Although it differs from person to person, but there is always a certain sense of accomplishment in traveling. For me personally, it will be like breaking a chain of long over-due trips that I have to make.
So people get up, pack your bags and make a journey. This is the only one thing which will never disappoint you but only teach you. 


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12 thoughts on “Why Should You Travel?

  1. Absolutely agreed that travel is one of the best educations you receive. Not just an education about others and the world (very important) but you;ll also be educated about yourself. Who you are, what you want and perhaps even what you want to do with your life. The one biggest thing I recommend to young travelers in their 20’s is to JUST. DO. IT now while you’re young. There is literally no point to going straight to college to study something you may regret later before you know yourself and what you’re capable of. If 20 year old me knew what 35 year old me knows now, I’d do it all differently. Buon Viaje!


  2. Great to hear that you discovered travelling and all that comes with it for yourself. It enriches you like nothing else and gives you more than money could do. Isnt it nice to live in such times when travelling is affordable and easy to do like never before?
    Cheers and happy travelling 🙂


  3. I am definitely sending this post to a few of my friends who have never left their country. I understand the fears but I couldn’t agree more with everything mentioned here: traveling teaches you so much, both about yourself and about the world. I have been traveling and living abroad for years now and it has truly helped me grow and enriched my life!


  4. I have met a few people who have said they never want to travel and think there is no point leaving home. I will never understand it. The world is so big so why not discover it. I’m glad you are ready to see the world. Good luck!


  5. I’m with you. There are plenty of reasons to travel. You noted majority of the reasons and really you can never go wrong whether you hate it or love it.


  6. Absolutely agree with your reasons. I am used to travelling since childhood. At that time I was in fact, taken along with my parents who themselves were very much into travelling. Gradually, I grew up travelling twice or thrice a year – each tour would be more than 20 days – and finally I got to travel alone after college and have been doing so till date. I am thankful to my parents because they initiated me into travelling and I could sense the changes it brought to my life and way of thinking. Thanks for this post. It’s kind of a throwback 🙂


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