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One Partridge Hill- A Hideaway


One Partridge Hill is built on a hill top in a small village called Satoli. Satoli is a very tiny populated village nestled in the Kumaon Region of Uttrakhand. You can reach this place via Bhimtal taking the road that leads to Almora. One Partridge Hill is not just a homestay, it is a luxury retreat nestled in the lap of nature. This homestay is 330 kms from Delhi and is easy to find if the instructions are followed properly. We booked 2 nights and were satisfied with their hospitality and services. The owners have actually put their sweat and blood in building this property, you easily get to know as soon as you enter the premises. One Partridge Hill makes sure that you get the ultimate comfort and tranquillity without any sense of let down. This is the only property in the vicinity with wheel chair accessibility.

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They have 4 rooms, all different from each other and a common living area adjoining the dining room. There is a great positivity in the environment of this village and one can actually breathe fresh air. The rooms are really comfortable and the quality is not compromised anywhere, even the toiletries are top notch, that is what is expected when you pay a good amount for a night. There are not many attractions nearby but you have different trails to follow. Bird watching and trekking will be the most common thing there, but honestly you don’t need anything other than that. The view in the night is spectacular and if you love star gazing, hop on and reach this place immediately.

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We were provided the room on the second floor which also had a small private terrace referred as Parakeet. The room had all the basic amenities and is perfect for a couple. The washroom is fitted with modern fittings, 24 hours running water, shower enclosure and solar powered geyser for your hot water requirement. The room is cosy with twin bedding, you can join it and make it into a queen size bed. The balcony provides a stunning view of Almora and it shines in the night, the view is mesmerizing. There are other rooms option to choose from such as:

*Ground Floor- Woodpecker
*First Floor- Jungle Fowl
*First Floor- Whistling Thrush
*Second Floor- Parakeet

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Nature enthusiasts, bird lovers & photographers will find enough to feast their eyes on, from the colours of the Blue Magpie, to countryside village walks through colourful pine forests, to the fascinating night sky with myriad stars and lights of the Almora town across the valley.

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There are certain rules and regulations which need to be followed strictly, such as:

  1. No eatables/drinkables in the room or the balcony
  2. No in room service, common area for everything (Eating, Drinking etc)
  3. No smoking in or outside the room.  You need to go down to the lush green lawns
  4. Pets are not allowed in the property
  5. A minimum booking of 2 Nights is required

These rules are to be kept in mind before visiting this place as this place is not a party place. If you want peace and want to detox yourself from the daily hustle bustle then book this place right away.

P.S. Kindly do not follow Google maps after Bhowali, follow the directions provided to you by property or else you will land up somewhere else.

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7 Most Haunted Places In India

  • Bhangarh FortIt is not only the most haunted place in India but it is included in the top haunted places of the world. Situated in rajasthan, people are told not to stay there at night.

  • Kudhara Village RajasthanThe villagers staying there for more than eight centuries vanished in a single night and never returned. The spirit in the village destroys a person who tries to inhabit the land and property there.

  • Sanjay Van Delhi–  People have witnessed a lady in a red saree who appears suddenly and vanishes as soon as the one who sees her starts panicking.

  • Delhi Cantonment Area– Delhi cantonment area is also known as haunted place its spookiness after mid night. People talk about a women in white saree, often asking for lift, sometimes even chasing the vehicle and catching up its speed.

  • The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie The mines were shut after half a million workers died coughing blood due to improper mining conditions. Rapid occurrences of accidents and unusual deaths have also made this place spooky.

  • Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie– Lady Garnet Orme was found dead in one of the rooms of the Savoy hotel under mysterious circumstances and is supposed to haunt it ever since.

  • Tunnel 33, Shimla– The task of construction was given to a British engineer named Captain Barog who failed to complete it. He was later fired from the job, mocked and driven to depression. One day he went into the tunnel and shot himself. Apparently his ghost still haunts the tunnel but is a friendly one. Locals also recount seeing a woman run screaming into the tunnel and a man asking for matchsticks to light his cigarette.

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Office Canteen Bar

“Office-Canteen-Bar” is located in one and only everyone’s favourite location of New Delhi Connaught Place P-Block.
Interestingly themed OCB is the place you should go after office/college hours to chill with your friends which make you all nostalgic about childhood because of it’s amazingly designed interiors referring to a school canteen, a tight scheduled office hours and chilling atmosphere of bar under one roof.
rom entry to rooftop they’ve amazingly revamped the ambiance with catchy dish names written on exam pads to Office file holders stacked on the wall. Open terrace is just perfect to sit around

OCB  is the perfect Place for those who love alcohol and cocktails in a different way. The hospitality is commendable.

Moving to food, appetizers were lip smacking and the main & desserts were to die for, even the drinks are fantastic. We ordered the following and these should always be on the list to order:

Veg Starters:

a) SALI MULAGA PADI SOYA- It is made up of soya chaap which is topped with Aloo Bhujiya and mint chutney

b) UNCLE CHIPS BRUSCHETTA- It is like a signature dish of this place and a must try

c) MAST LIMCA BHEL-The presentation was good. The taste was even better.

Non-Veg Starters:

a) Janta Janardan Chicken- It was served in a lunch box with masala onion and masala papad.

b) M&M Murg- This was one of the best non-veg starter. 

c) GOLD Wings- Chicken wings marinated in gold label marinade


a) Karmchari Daal- Simple Kali Daal.

b) Paneer Kalicharan- The kali mirch gravy was good and paneer was soft.

c) D/B/C  Dilli Butter Chicken-A must order dish for the main course.   


 a) Brownie Ras Malai- A deadly combo of ras malai and brownie.


a) ASAP-  A deadly combination of monk, khatta, pulp & more

b) OBC Official  Bachelors Club- Caramlized whisky, pineapple & lust.

c) Ki and Ka- Vodka with aam panna and watermelon.

d) Red Wine- Simple and classy

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Kufri Diaries

Day 1

Our journey started at 6am from Delhi. Our route plan was Delhi-Karnal-Zirakpur-Dharampur-Shimla-Kufri. The distance from Delhi to Kufri is 374kms and it takes around 10 hours to reach the destination with a couple of quick stops in between. Our first stop was at famous Jhilmil Dhaba in Karnal. We stuffed ourselves with Chai, Pakoras and Parathas which were delicious. After a good heavy breakfast, we continued our journey through the beautiful highway.  Our next stop was at Timber Trail in Parwanoo. Timber Trail Heights is a refreshing escape situated close to the capital city, yet far from the city blues. Sprawling across an area of 1.6 acres, Timber Trail Heights caters to your every need, be it luxury, serenity or recreation.


After a refreshing break we stopped in Dharampur for lunch at Giani Ka Dhaba which is famous for its butter chicken and Parathas. As soon as you enter Dharampur, you can start witnessing the beautiful nature of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is 3 hours drive from Dharampur. There is a bypass road to Kufri which cuts all of Shimla and its traffic. As you are crossing Shimla, you reach a famous tourist spot known as the Green Valley. This is one place you should stop just to witness the lush green hills which looks spectacular during the sunny days. There are a couple of Maggi and Chai points here. So spending some of your time, sipping tea and enjoying the nature is must at Green Valley. As soon as you leave the Green Valley, just after 2-3 kms you can see a food van-TRANS Himalayan. Its must stop if you want to have some amazing Chinese food. The pricing is cheap and the quality is acceptable. We ordered Manchurian, Chilli Paneer and Chilli Potato.



Finally we reached our hotel around 4pm and dozed off for a couple of hours after a long journey. Our hotel Galleu Hill Resort is just beside the Kufri Adventure Park and is situated on a cliff. This hotel has swiss type cottages and the pricing is nominal. The staff is very helpful with excellent service. The rooms are clean and you have all the comfort that you need. The view is simply breathtaking; one can just sit for hours and enjoy the view. The sky was clear so we could also see the Himalayas in the back drop. We got up in the evening and just enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the night with some food, drinks and bonfire.


Morning View

Day 2

The morning was pleasant, the sky was clear and it was just perfect. After having the breakfast, we went to Shimla. We had to park our nearly half a kilometer away from the lifts as the parking was closed due to construction. We went to the mall road, visited the church, shopped for a while and then finally stopped at La Pino’s for lunch. Their pizzas are to die for. Then our next stop was Wake & Bake café; it is one the most famous cafes in Shimla serving lip smacking food. After our lunch at Shimla, our next destination was Narkanda. The journey from Shimla to Narkanda was about 2 hours and approx distance is 65kms. The roads are good and one does enjoy reaching at a height of 9000ft.



As soon as we reached Narkanda we all were amazed by the snow covered roads and hills around us. To make our trip a little more exciting, we decided to go to Hatu Peak (12000ft approx). A 5 kms drive which is rocky and road is way too narrow and kind of risky. When we reached there, we were not prepared in terms of our winter clothes for Hatu Peak. The temperature was freezing so we had a Chai and Maggi to warm ourselves. There was sort of a bonfire made by the locals which helped us. There was a pond which had frozen so people were skiing on it. We took a halt for 2 hours and we had to leave the place before the sunset because of the narrow road downhill. While driving back to our hotel we witnessed blanket of stars for the first time in our life. It was one sight which will be remembered for rest of our lives. It was so beautiful. After a long day, we came back to the hotel and had our dinner and enjoyed the chilly weather. (0 degree)


Maggi At Hatu Peak & In Front Is The Frozen Pond


Day 3

We were still up around 3am enjoying ourselves when it started to snow. It was the first snowfall of the season. It snowed heavily and continuously for 12 hours. It was a lifetime experience for us; none of us had witness snow or snowfall like this before. We all got super excited after the snowfall and played like kids in the snow for a while till our hands and legs froze. There was at least 2-3 feet of snow and the entire area was blocked. This meant we could not go anywhere and were restricted to our hotel only. The only difficulty we faced at this time was the water which had frozen in the water pipes. But then ultimately it was one hell of an experience. The entire day went playing around and making snowman and just feeling totally ecstatic.



Day 4

In the morning after we got up, we got know that roads where being ploughed and we could the leave place by afternoon. It was one risky drive as the snow was fresh but still we managed to get out of Kufri and reached Delhi with all the memories and experiences.

Also read about our adventures in Mussoorie 

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Swagath- Defence Colony

​Swagath is one place that will never disappoint you when it comes to relishing your taste buds. It is inevitable to be impressed by this legendary restaurant which follows a legacy of taste and yet serves innovative food.

Swagath is known for its coastal food and also for the flavoursome Indian food. No matter what you opt for, it will definitely leave you wanting for more. While your tummy may want to put a stop beyond its capacity, your taste buds just wouldn’t agree. 

Their menu houses unending variety of coastal and Indian food and the highlights in coastal food are pomfret, ladyfish, crab and gassi (a coastal curry). Their seafood is extremely spicy and contains generous quantity of coconut. The best part is that it’s fresh just the way one would want it. 

We ordered a plethora of things to eat as we went in a large group. The food we ordered came very swiftly without making us wait for too long and was served with a pleasant smile on face of the staff.

A few things worth ordering here are:

Chicken Malai Tikka – very delectable and finger licking good

Crispy vegetable – Crispy to the core

Mutton seekh kebab– Juicy and succulent

Nachos – very different, it’s more of a fried roti served with tempting dips.

Tandoori chicken – Perfectly roasted

Paneer Tikka– It was soft and perfectly marinated

Cigar rolls – Its cheesy can one of my favourite

Dal makhani – one of the best I’ve had in a long long time. Rich and typically Punjabi in taste.
They also have a great armoury when it comes to mock-tails too. A few that we could try and taste were:

Kiwi heaven – kiwi crush with sprite giving you a tangy taste of kiwi

Gold medalist – strawberry crush and banana pulp making you feel all the sweetness

Fried ice cream – vanilla ice cream coated with a shell of cornflakes 

Tutti fruity – this was really the show stopper and show stealer. I just couldn’t share it with anyone and had it all by my own. Sharing it is a sin.

The restaurant has revamped their look and interiors in past few months. I went their after 6-7 months and they didn’t fail to make my visit memorable yet again. To cover their entire menu I would have to set a weekly reminder in my phone to come and eat here. If you are planning to go out for a nice family get together or a big feast with your friends then this is your place to be.

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Factory by Sutra

FACTORY BY SUTRA, is an authentic Microbrewery & Pub. Set up on 12,000 sq ft. area in Sector-29 – the food-hub of Gurgaon. Factory by Sutra’s ambience and theme gives you an ideal Factory feel instantly. The interiors & décor has a great “WOW” factor. The unique facility of a dedicated co-working space on the first level allows you to embrace a chic way of working; it adds a lot of value to the place and is perfect if you like working for yourself and not by yourself! Factory is a fresh take on a cafe’, microbrewery and co working area all combined to create a unique and beautiful space that is fun, energetic and inspiring.

Factory’s Micro-Brewery Plant and machinery is an integral part of the interiors. The Factory theme and décor, which is very raw, the large Container and brewery lay out to completely bowl you over. The beer is handcrafted by the Expert brew-master on site – hence it’s called “Craft” beer. Factory by Sutra boasts of its quality, unfiltered fresh beers full of Proteins. The Beers on offer are German Lager, German Wheat, Dunkel Wheat and Irish Black.

The authentic Indian, Oriental & European delicacies along with selected Mexican and Turkish Flavors truly compliment the beers.  The Live Pizza Section offers variety of Pizzas, North Indian Kebabs, Karari Roti is a speciality. The freshly brewed & hand crafted beer is the highlight of Factory by Sutra; the cocktails made by the charismatic bartenders are, to really vouch for. Apart from this, bar menu also offers the best varieties of Champagnes, Wines, Premium Single Malts, Scotches, Cocktails, Mocktails, Bourbon & Irish Whiskey.

Factory by Sutra menu offers enticing North Indian, European & Oriental cuisine consisting of Salads like “Ceasar Salad”, “Beetroot & Malta salad”, “Non-Veg Kebab platter” etc. The main courses consisting of variety of “Indian & Oriental” made by our experienced Chef’s, “Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce”, “Kolkata Rolls”, “American Chop suey” etc. For the Indian taste buds a must try dish is their “Factory Special Paneer tikka”, “Dahi Ke Kebab”, “Seekh E Nazakat”, “Achari Chicken Tikka”, “Amritsari Macchi Tikka” etc. The variety of Burgers, Desserts is the other delicacies from the Chef’s at Factory by Sutra.

This place is our new spot to chill in Gurgaon now. Amazing décor and very stylish interiors along with large copper beer tanks on display makes Factory by Sutra commendable. There are alcohol bottles placed on one of the walls that looks fabulous and different. The first floor has indoor seating with an awesome environment to enjoy your drinks. The terrace area is great during the winter evenings with a soothing environment. The brick walls and unique lamps over the wooden tables make this place a perfect spot to spend some quality time.

The menu is huge with tons of variety to choose from. The chef personally meets you at the table and recommends the best dishes. The service is superb and the staff is quite friendly and attentive. But what makes this place stand apart from all the other breweries is the quality of beer. One of the best we ever had!!  The food is super delicious and mouth watering and you would always want to order more and more. The place is quite affordable and pocket friendly.

What we recommend:
*Dilli 6
*Kurkuri Bhindi
*Chilly Chicken Pita
*Dumpling Platter
*German wheat beer
*Lemon Garlic Fish

All we can say is that, this place is a must try for everyone!

Meal For Two-₹1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Address-Sector 29, Gurgaon

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Golden Palms- Mussoorie

Set in the Garhwal Himalayan foothills, The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa is 34kms from Dehradun-Rajpur Road and is located bang on mall road. The hotel provides private parking for their guests which some hotels in Mussoorie do not. There is a specific time for the entry of cars on the mall road with an entry fee. Everytime you exit the mall road and return back, you have to pay the entry fees again.  

This hotel has always been on top of our list to stay in Mussoorie. The property is designed as colonial style and earlier it was called Sylverton Estate. As you enter the mall road, there is a small road on the left which takes you to the hotel, down the hill. So everytime you have to visit the mall road, you need climb a steep road which is a challenge.   

About The Hotel:

The elegant rooms feature flat-screen TVs and balconies plus mini fridge along with tea and coffeemaker. There are 4 categories of rooms- Executive Double Room, Valley View Ground Floor, Valley View First Floor and Premium Suites.


We always prefer the Valley View Ground Floor room. It is convenient and comfortable as you don’t have to go up and down the stairs for any amenities other than the spa. In addition, this room is situated next to the garden area and it has a small porch outside the room with Cane furniture and the breathtaking view is only a few steps away.  It is extremely beautiful to sit outside in evenings and gaze at the sky and enjoy your stay.

Interiors & Food:

The interiors are really soothing and cleanliness is maintained throughout the hotel.  The lobby area is quite comfortable and gives a very pleasant vibe. The rooms are quite spacious with all the modern fittings and designs. The food is delicious and lip-smacking and the portions are quite big.  The service is fantastic and the waiters make you feel very comfortable.


The Multi-Cuisine Restaurant at the hotel serves lavish buffets. There is an outdoor BBQ and a cosy bar along with provision of bonfire which can chargeable. Leisure facilities include a spa, fitness centre, game room and a playground for kids. There are meeting and conference rooms for the working guests.


Its mesmerizing. The panoramic view from the garden area is just phenomenal and leaves you spellbound.