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Winter Is Here!

We are towards the end of 2017 and its the best time of the year. Winter is here and we are really happy. There are many reasons to love winters, specially the long over coats, boots, winter caps, wood fire and our favorite Winter treks. In india you have many different regions & all the regions have one thing in common to offer ‘Trekking’.
The northern regions of India experience heavy snowfall post november and the treks open up, mostly all winter trek trails will lead through snow, captivating mountains and beautiful landscapes.

These treks start from December till February. So people gear up, pack your bags and get ready for a ride which you can experience once a year! I am listing down few of my favourite treks-

  • Winter Kuari Pass Trek- Uttrakhand, 6 Days, 12763ft
  • Chadar Trek- Leh, 8 Days, 11123ft
  • Chopta Chandrashila- Uttrakhand, 6 Days, 13100ft
  • Auli Snow Skiing- Uttrakhand, 6 Days, 11000ft
  • Prasher Lake- Himachal Pradesh, 3 days, 8477ft
  • Dodital Trek- Uttrakhand, 6 Days, 13615ft
  • Dayara Bugyal- Uttrakhand, 7 Days, 10000ft

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