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Useful Winter Holiday Essentials

Holidays are approaching and so is winters, planning a trip is first step and planning includes packing the right stuff & packing light. I have been an avid traveller to the mountains and most of the times i do miss something or the other. Which ultimately i have to find in the market or face the consequences. There are some tips i would like to share and certain things which you should never forget while travelling to cold places.

  1. Extra Warm Clothes- It is necessary to pack an extra set of warm clothes, because you don’t know when the temperature will drop. (Socks, Pullovers, Skull cap etc)
  2. Cold Cream- Winters are usually rough and can damage your skin, so carrying creams to moisturize yourself is extremely important
  3. Sunglasses- I found sunglasses an important part of my trip because the sun in the mountains is very strong.
  4. Winter driving medical kit- Catching cold or cough in the high altitudes is the most annoying thing, so do not forget to carry your antibiotics.
  5. Thermo Flask- This is only required if one is travelling to extreme cold condition such as LEH. The flask will help the water or tea be warm enough.
  6. Water proof bag- Winters also call for rains, and if  it rains then you need to have a water proof carry bag to keep your essentials safe such as cash, camera etc.

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