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Pasta Bowl Company

By far this was one of my best authentic Italian Cuisine experience ever since I’ve been eating Italian food. There are so many Italian cuisine chains and joints but none has the Sicilian flair that The Pasta Bowl Company brings to you.
Chef Om is a master at his work and knows such minute details of the food he cooks that the description of all his dishes would make you all excited about the food even before it arrives. Italian cooks rely hugely on the quality of the ingredients that they use rather than an elaborate preparation. Every bite of food here will remind you this and your palate will feel the freshness in everything you eat.

Let me take you through what you “must” have here-
1. Wine: Pinot Bianco Chardonnay (emilia romagna; Italy),Cabernet Merlot (emilia romagna; Italy)

2. Piatto di Antipasto e Formaggi – smoked salmon, Prosciutto di Parma, Honey glazed Ham, Salumi Piccante, Mortadella con pistacchio, smoked scarmoza, granda padana, bocconcini, gorgonzola with accompaniments

3. Bruschetta Cipolla- homemade tuscan bread topped Balsamic onion, goat cheese. While this looks pretty simple but the balsamic onion add magic to this simple thing.

4. Arancini Siciliani- deep fried Arborio rice balls with herbs and melted butter heart that’s more or less a croquette but with a difference that it tastes a thousand times better than any croquettes. Sundried tomato pesto served with it acts as a perfect compliment to this amazingly tasty dish. Trust me you won’t get enough of it.

5. Risotto funghi con olio di tartufo-Portabello and porcini mushroom risotto with truffle oil. This one is highly recommended. One of the finest truffle oil used in this Risotto will leave a taste on your tongue that you won’t want to let go of. I guess “Mamma Mia” is the perfect Italian expression to describe this dish.

6. Cappelletti- artisian hand rolled pasta stuffed with Cream cheese in rustic tomato sauce with dashes of red wine. The tomato sauce really does its magic with the cream cheese.

7. Cannoli- a classic Sicilian dessert. It’s a little tube of fried pastry dough filled with creamy filling of lemon and pistachio and every bite will relish your taste buds with the rich flavour lemon imparts to it.

8. Tiramisu- made with mascarpone ( an Italian cream cheese), coffee, kahlua. You must try this with the Almond biscotti and it will totally enhance your experience. The presentation of course cannot be overlooked.

A person goes to a restaurant either because the food is very good or because the atmosphere is pleasant. And it’s not just all about food here. The interiors are done so elegantly well, it catches your attention instantly. You’d see some classy, rustic and seasoned woodwork all around the place that gives it a quaint look, exquisite chandeliers that enhance the decor with mellow light, comfortable wooden chairs giving it a very casual look. Every detail here has been paid careful attention by the makers and hence all the design elements like the dishes, glasses, cutlery, lighting, apparels etc enrich the restaurants’ interiors with classic details and modern comforts. I totally recommend taking a small walk to this chic place that’s a perfect way to experience Italian culture in India.

Location- GL-201, 2nd Floor, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon



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