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The Classroom” is the ideal nostalgic journey to your school days. Old styled blackboards, worn out wooden tables, FLAMES (the game) jolted on stained walls and Ramu Kaka ki Canteen with a section of junk food just like any other school canteen takes us back to our childhood days.

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The place is neatly designed and looks superb with desk bench like seating arrangement and aluminium thalis in which the food is served. From notebook style menu to the bar which is named as Ramu Kaka ki Canteen etc, the ambience is really good and you have a big smoking area which also has pool table for your childhood pool playing memories.


The food is good and the menu offers quite a few varieties of different cuisines but the
wheat beer is not that great as we expected. It was too strong and the after taste was not
pleasing for our palate. We ordered a Veg platter and a Non Veg Platter to start with.The
platter is really wholesome especially the Veg platter as they have given different items to indulge in & similarly the Non Veg platter, the Chicken Dimsums are average. Tiramisu was a not great as it was to buttery and lacked the flavours. You won’t either be disappointed or be happy about the food.

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The service is prompt ,the staff is attentive and we didn’t find  any drawback which makes this place a nice spot to chill and have some good memories.



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