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Two Chimneys- Gethia

This place is nestled in the lush green village called Gethia near Nainital. The name Two Chimneys coincides with the two chimneys they have in their vicinity. It is a perfect example of silence and beauty.


As soon as you park your car in their private parking area you start getting positive vibes for the place. The lush green lawns are beautifully managed and it feels very relaxing for the whole body when you enter such a pleasant and soothing environment. When you enter the resort, you can see the dining area and their drawing room which is pretty and specially made for book readers. The dining area is huge and they have laid the tables everywhere, even in their lawn for the people who want privacy while dining. Then you climb up and enter their pool area which is their best part. Once you sit by the pool and enjoy the chirping of birds and the majestic views of the Kumaon Foothills, life will automatically be sorted. You don’t feel like leaving the calmness around yourself and go back to your room; we surely did not go back.


They have different room categories and every room has a different vibe and colour.
We were 4 people travelling and had booked their Deodar Room. This room has 1 bedroom with king size bed, 1 living room, 1 washroom and there is bed laid it their attic. The attic can only be used by people with average height but it is the most peaceful area in the whole suite. Every nook and corner of this suite has been perfectly utilised and the comfort level is 100%. If you are travelling with a big family, then you can book their Ridge Bungalow which has 4 rooms and can be entirely yours with separate parking as well. There is a room called The Nest which has a private balcony and is perfect for couples.


The entire place is brilliantly maintained and the staff is very courteous. The hospitality is far top notch, not even once we faced any problem. Do not over feed yourself with the food here because they make it with loads of love, so every meal is worth tasting, do not miss out on any!


Total Distance- 309 Kms
Route- Delhi-Ghaziabad-Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur-Haldwani-Gethia

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