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Casual Fun! By John Players

There are different ways a person can carry himself and summer fashion comes with a potpourri of flavors. And for men and women are alike, believe me when I say this !

Its great to see a brand evolving , into a one stop shop for all your needs, opening more windows of styling. Feisty prints,funky tees,solids and denims they have the most of it. John Players is young and esquire.

Look 1:
I choose dark colors and i love to pair different shades of blue. So in this look i paired a washed denim with printed royal blue shirt with blue leather loafers. The entire is look is to prove that you can match same color tones without looking weird.
IMG_4368 modified

Look 2:

Sometimes you feel like to throw away the skinny fit jeans and fitted shirt to get into something more comfortable. The second look is for those people who wanna be cool and casual without compromising their attire. One can slip those flip flops and wear espadrilles or boat shoes.

IMG_4162 modified

Look 3:

This is my favourite look, you can dress up this way and carry a casual look. Not many people prefer wearing a tshirt beneath a shirt, but then if you pair it up properly then it looks dapper. This is most common attire for a college going kid or if he just wants to hangout with his friends.

IMG_4280 modified

Head to John Players and Shop!


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