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One Partridge Hill- A Hideaway


One Partridge Hill is built on a hill top in a small village called Satoli. Satoli is a very tiny populated village nestled in the Kumaon Region of Uttrakhand. You can reach this place via Bhimtal taking the road that leads to Almora. One Partridge Hill is not just a homestay, it is a luxury retreat nestled in the lap of nature. This homestay is 330 kms from Delhi and is easy to find if the instructions are followed properly. We booked 2 nights and were satisfied with their hospitality and services. The owners have actually put their sweat and blood in building this property, you easily get to know as soon as you enter the premises. One Partridge Hill makes sure that you get the ultimate comfort and tranquillity without any sense of let down. This is the only property in the vicinity with wheel chair accessibility.

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They have 4 rooms, all different from each other and a common living area adjoining the dining room. There is a great positivity in the environment of this village and one can actually breathe fresh air. The rooms are really comfortable and the quality is not compromised anywhere, even the toiletries are top notch, that is what is expected when you pay a good amount for a night. There are not many attractions nearby but you have different trails to follow. Bird watching and trekking will be the most common thing there, but honestly you don’t need anything other than that. The view in the night is spectacular and if you love star gazing, hop on and reach this place immediately.

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We were provided the room on the second floor which also had a small private terrace referred as Parakeet. The room had all the basic amenities and is perfect for a couple. The washroom is fitted with modern fittings, 24 hours running water, shower enclosure and solar powered geyser for your hot water requirement. The room is cosy with twin bedding, you can join it and make it into a queen size bed. The balcony provides a stunning view of Almora and it shines in the night, the view is mesmerizing. There are other rooms option to choose from such as:

*Ground Floor- Woodpecker
*First Floor- Jungle Fowl
*First Floor- Whistling Thrush
*Second Floor- Parakeet

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Nature enthusiasts, bird lovers & photographers will find enough to feast their eyes on, from the colours of the Blue Magpie, to countryside village walks through colourful pine forests, to the fascinating night sky with myriad stars and lights of the Almora town across the valley.

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There are certain rules and regulations which need to be followed strictly, such as:

  1. No eatables/drinkables in the room or the balcony
  2. No in room service, common area for everything (Eating, Drinking etc)
  3. No smoking in or outside the room. Β You need to go down to the lush green lawns
  4. Pets are not allowed in the property
  5. A minimum booking of 2 Nights is required

These rules are to be kept in mind before visiting this place as this place is not a party place. If you want peace and want to detox yourself from the daily hustle bustle then book this place right away.

P.S. Kindly do not follow Google maps after Bhowali, follow the directions provided to you by property or else you will land up somewhere else.


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27 thoughts on “One Partridge Hill- A Hideaway

  1. I like the classic wood furniture in the rooms and the beautiful views from the windows. The outside garden is so pretty as well, and I can imagine how quiet the surroundings must be.


  2. The place looks so cozy and comfortable, in fact, our type of place. One actually doesn’t need anything else for entertainment here. The furniture, garden everything gels so perfectly with nature. What is the pricing for the rooms?


  3. This looks like one of those places that could work perfectly as a writing retreat. So green, peaceful and with beautiful surroundings to inspire you. I could retreat here for a long while to finish all those writing things I keep putting off because I never have the time!


  4. Oh my goodness! That view from the terrace is unbelievable! I love waking up and seeing beautiful nature from my window.


  5. Looks like a lovely, homely but classy stay option. I love this kind of places as they give you comfort with a few local flavors. Thanks for sharing this.


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