Coffee Rush!

Who Doesn’t Love Coffee?
Coffee is a basic necessity of life nowadays; you simply cannot live without it. There are different types of coffee that one can choose from e.g Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano etc. With the fast paced routine of all the people in today’s world, many individuals need a shot of an espresso which pumps up the adrenaline levels without making you dizzy.
We have tried quite a few varieties of coffee from different parts of the world but our favourite is Tata Grand. Originally launched in Russia and then TATA Group acquired it 2012. Grand has a very different aroma and a distinctive taste which makes the consumer consume more. It is rich in flavour; it is strong and goes well for day to day drinking. There are different ways of making a coffee; we have also tried alcoholic coffee which is ultimate. I’ll share some recipes for making a regular coffee and an alcoholic coffee:

Recipe 1:
* Add Milk, 1 tbsp of Coffee and Malt in the blender
* Blend it well and then add 2 scoops Vanilla Ice cream and few Ice Cubes
* Blend it continuously for at least 20-30 seconds
* Add drinking chocolate for a more chocolaty taste
* Serve chilled
For better results add more scoops of ice cream and less milk

Recipe 2:
* Add Milk, 1/2 tbsp of Coffee & 60ml Shot of Jack Daniels
* Blend it for 15 seconds, and then add 3 scoops of Vanilla and few Ice Cubes
* Blend it till the liquid is thick
* Serve chilled


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