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Ultimate Wellness-Atmantan Wellness Centre


                         Ultimate wellness haven in India, Atmantan Wellness Centre

Family Wellness_Atmantan (4)

With schools breaking for summer, Atmantan is taking the opportunity of this vacation time to introduce for the first time ever, a Family Wellness program inviting all parents to bring their children and enjoy a summer of interactive activities, introducing the concept of wellness in the most fun way possible!

Parents are quickly learning that the unhealthy lifestyle of today’s youth, influenced by bad eating habits, technological obsessions and stress from school work, is causing their immunity toward lifestyle diseases like childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes to drop dangerously.  Children are especially vulnerable to these factors, and any harm caused in the midst of their development can reverberate through the rest of their lives. Today’s savvy parents, armed with more resources than ever before, are looking to the same spa and wellness therapies and techniques they’ve relied upon to improve their own lives to now nurture their children’s.

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Thus, wanting to help parents instill healthy habits within their children at an early age to ensure good health in the future, Atmantan has curated a fun-filled program to keep them healthy and active through the summer. Some of the offerings of these programs include Garden Yoga, Zumba, Cooking classes, Trekking, a Boot-camp with group activities involving art and sports etc. While the policy at Atmantan typically does not permit guests under the age of 14, the summer break posed a great opportunity to introduce this program, for the first time ever.

Children’s wellness is becoming an increasing issue among today’s youth and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression are being overlooked. At Atmantan, the specialized health advisors will be conducting a workshop which broaches these topics in a non-intimidating and fun manner. The Family Wellness Program commences on May 15th and lasts till June 15th.

Atmantan is an integrated wellness destination spa and is one of India’s most luxurious, at that. Here we help you understand the relationship between sound nutrition and the functioning of the body. At this pristine destination you attain harmony with nature and return as a renewed individual, heart whole and fancy free.The resort offers an expanse of 6525 sq. ft. of fitness facilities in addition to world class spa and wellness therapies ranging from traditional Ayurveda, to Pranic chakra cleansing. The resort is the SPAFINDER Global winners for ‘Best wow factor’ and ‘Best for fitness’ titles of the 2016 Wellness travel awards and has also had the privilege to host guests like Karisma Kapoor, Sri Devi, Malaika Arora Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Masaba, Neena Gupta, Randeep Hooda and Sanjeev Kapoor to name a few.




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