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Monday Blues – Asian Nation

If you’re searching for some scrumptious Asian food but cannot figure out where to order in from, Asian Nation should definitely be your next option. Asian Nation is a new delivery-only restaurant in Kailash Colony that delivers lip smacking food at your door step. It offers you everything from the Asian cuisine that includes Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malaysian dishes and each of them is extremely appetizing.

We ordered Lemongrass Chicken Rice Paper Rolls with Peanut Sauce, Veg Pad Thai Noodles, Chicken Panaeng Curry and Jasmine Rice.  Rice Paper Rolls were fantastic which were stuffed with vermicelli noodles, pickled cucumber and carrot and chicken served with super delicious Peanut Sauce.  Veg Pad Thai noodles were simply amazing with tons of Thai flavours. The Chicken Panaeng Curry was one of the best Thai curries we ever tried. Oozing strong hints of coconut milk along with jam packed flavours and tender chicken pieces served with Jasmine Rice makes this dish just perfect. We simply could not stop eating the curry and this is one of the best dishes on their menu.


The delivery is very efficient and the packing is excellent and very hygienic which makes your food stay fresh and hot. The pricing is very economical in comparison to the quantities served. The portions of the dishes are quite big so it can be shared between two people. Asian Nation offers a huge variety of dishes from different Asian cuisines on its menu and the dishes are prepared with the right amount of flavours from that particular cuisine.


You should definitely order from Asian Nation next time if you want mouth-watering food which you will definitely enjoy and then order again from them.



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