During our visit to Jaipur, we came across a place called Bar Palladio. It is a restaurant and lounge situated in Narain Niwas Palace. This place is designed in electric blue tone, inspired by the mughal architecture. The entrance to the place is beautiful and once you enter their indoor sitting, one feels nostalgic. We were struck by their beautifully laid sitting and the tone of the interiors.

They provide outdoor sitting as well, perfect for winters. Canopies are laid out with private bonfires, maharajah type seating under the stars and a candle on the table which gives the whole environment a very romantic feel.


The menu does not have much to offer and the pricing is a little expensive as per their serving. We only wanted to have desserts, so we ordered a Chocolate Souffle With Vanilla Ice Cream. Their service does need improvement, order time taken was more than expected, they nearly took half and hour for a small dessert. And when it came, we were not at all happy with it. The taste was less than ordinary & we ended up spending Rs550.


This place is all about its beauty and the aura


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  1. Looks so grand and reminds of the splendour of the era gone by. Have made a note of it. Will recommend it to some friends who are going to Jaipur next month.

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  2. poplartravels says:

    Bummer the food didn’t match the decor! That place is really beautiful, and so was your dessert. Oh Well.


  3. gokulr27 says:

    Wow…that is really expensive…..but I love the ambiance of the place


  4. It looks gorgeous there, though quite expensive perhaps. You have to pay for quality, right? i’ve recently been thinking a lot about returning to India, so this was a nice read.


  5. Indrani says:

    Grand ambiance, though I wish you had shown more.
    I am doubting my pocket factor in this 😛 🙂


    1. My phone was almost out of battery, managed to clicked these *phewww*. Its not at all a pocket frdly place but the interiors and the surroundings take the brownie points


  6. whisperwanderlust says:

    The restaurant is really very nice. I’m sorry that the dessert was not as expected. However, it remains a beautiful place to discover.


  7. AllGudThings says:

    The place really looks beautiful and it gives you a grand feeling too. But 500 bucks for a desert is really expensive too. They can do wonders if they can improve their services, with such a awesome ambience.


  8. tatumskipper says:

    Wow this restaurant looks like a very expensive house! The colors and textures are pretty outstanding. Jaipur I heard is a beautiful city!

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    1. It was my first visit to jaipur and just loved it


  9. arv! says:

    Its certainly the most posh bar in the town. Expensive… Yes. Limited choice… Yes. I also mentioned exactly these two points in my review as well. They now also have a cafe but that’s expensive too!


  10. Ana Ojha says:

    The place looks absolutely stunning. The decor is very fascinating. Looks like you had amazing time there.


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