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Exceptional Rohet Garh

Recently we witnessed the beauty of Rohet Garh, A Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur which is nearly 400 years old. A palace, now converted into a heritage hotel by it’s owners will surely surprise you by it’s charm at the very first sight. It is situated far from the city hustle bustle, on the banks of a lake in the midst of rural surrounding. Earlier it was the residence of the former rulers of Rohet and for sure will lure you to know more about the history and the tales it has to tell.

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From the moment you enter the hotel, you will get this earthy vibe that they have still maintained. From the manicured gardens and petite fountains to some beautiful creatures like peacocks, being able to move about freely makes you believe it’s a home to all. They have a variety of rooms and one can choose from 30 traditionally decorated rooms. Each room has it’s own character and speaks for itself. Also the rooms have their own cosy corners where you can sit sipping tea and glancing at the scenic beauty.

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There are a lot of other activities in which you can indulge yourself after relaxing. The hotel provides some really nice indoor activities like:

1) Pool
2) Gymnasium
3) Spa
4) Bicycle Riding

5) Library with a handful of books aged above 100 years.


Some of outdoor activities provided by the hotel are:
1) Rohet Safari
2) Village Safari
3) Royal Picnics
4) Bird Watching
We chose for a village safari and would recommend to anyone who is planning to visit this place. The safari not only included meeting some good people but also beautiful creatures like the Black Buck. We were awestruck by just looking at them. The good this about Rohet is that these animals are under the protection of the Bishnoi Tribe and are comforted by them. Its one of the reason that they are safe and know that no harm will come to them.The safari took turns & cuts taking us inside the rural area where we were to witness something unusual. The Bishnoi Village, a village which is eco-friendly. The tribe that lives here is called the Bishnoi Tribe. These people live a total cut off life. We were enthralled by their lifestyle and the history. The next stop was the Brahmin Village. This village has all the basic amenities, electricity, water supply as compared to the Bishnoi Village. The most interesting part of the Brahmin community was that they eat and drink OPIUM. They are very simple people with a very high thinking. They don’t believe in the luxury of materialistic things, but on improving the quality of life by taking care of the mother nature. They don’t worship any god but plants and that’s something. The whole experience is magical and will make you think and see things differently.

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To make our evening more magical the hotel organised traditional folk singing. The music just took us on an another level and was treat to both our eyes & ears.

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From our breakfast to our dinner, everything we tried was delectable, especially the traditional Rajasthani cuisine. The heavenly Rajasthani Thaali with it’s rich food is hands down by far the best experience. It’s not only the food but also that fact that their staff is so courteous and warm, they take their job seriously and believe in serving love.

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The entire experience was blissful and we are thankful to Rohet Garh for giving it to us. We are definitely taking alot with us back home. Also read my fellow blogger FASHIONBYRUDA’S  experience and check out the  VLOG1 & VLOG


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21 thoughts on “Exceptional Rohet Garh

  1. One of my friends was there last month and he talked well about Rohet Garh. The rooms are so beautiful and there are lots of activities I’d like to try like bicycle riding, pool and of course spa. I’m interested also to the outdoor activities.

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  2. People in Jodhpur lead a different life from the cityfolks and its awesome to see such a contrast. I loved Rohet Garh and the pictures. Would definitely plan on living there on our next visit. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. The basic rooms starts at about 10k with breakfast. Other meals are paid directly at the hotel


  3. Well, this sure looks like a place worth checking out. I’m all out with the bishnoi style of living. You need time like this, cut off from the world, to regain your sense of the world. Nice post 🙂


  4. Well this sure looks like a place worth visiting. I’m all for the bishnoi way of living though. You need time like that, cut off from the world, to regain your sense of the world. Nice post🙂


  5. I also like to stay in a heritage Hotel and I just don’t know why, I like how they able to make it as a heritage Hotel after knowing the history of the place. The whole place is really lovely and stunning. I would love to douse myself in that clean pool. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  6. If I stayed here, I would never leave 😀 I don’t think I’d see anything else of the outside world, lol. Thanks for sharing! I think the library feature is my favorite part of here.


  7. That looks like one gorgeous hotel! I’m a sucker for heritage hotels and this is one that I’ll definitely check out if I head to Rajasthan! Just 30 rooms? That’s a typical private resort indeed! The traditional folk singing and bon fire seems like a perfect combo.


  8. It’s the first time that I hear about it and it looks so cool and interesting! I ‘ll keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Awesome review of the Rohet Garh in Jodhpur! I had the pleasure to spend a few nights in Rajasthan a few years back and I absolutely loved it! I stayed in the Trident Hotel, which was also fabulous, but when I visit again next summer I want to try somewhere new. I am looking up rates and dates for Rohet Garh right now. Looks totally doable! Thank you for sharing your experience!


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