8 A.M Boost

8 AM Boost by Four Fountains Labs should be taken by everyone in the morning for full day energy. Pour 200ml of water in a cup, mix the ingredients and gulp it down. That is how we did!


Commuting to work places, working for 10 to 12 hours daily, and handling a lot of work pressure, makes every working professional living in a metro city tired mentally and physically. A general feeling of being unwell or low energy can result in fatigue that needs to be managed in time.


8 am boost contains two protein components L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, and vitamin C, all of which work together to improve blood circulation naturally and increases energy levels. A perfect natural remedy to beat fatigue!

We took a 7 day challenge, of getting up at 8 A.M and drinking the boost, so as to get the perfect result. Initially we did not like the taste, but then healthy drinks are not always great on the palate.

Day 1: Trying to get up in the morning as the name says 8 A.M Boost.

Day 2: Gulping down the drink as the taste was not much to our liking.

Day 3: Trying to figure out if its working or not?

Day 4: Judgement Day, We realised that now our sleeping patterns were better and we did not feel dull in the morning.

Day 5 6 & 7: Yes! There is difference in our fatigue levels, we are much more vibrant and less torpid.


We will recommend everyone to atleast try it and feel the difference.To buy the product Click Here.

Also read about MYDAILY and 6X GREEN TEA, other useful products by Four Fountains Labs.


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