Think Pizza Think Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut recently launched its new and refreshing TV commercial conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather. The commercial highlights the elements that make Pizza Hut, one of the most loved Pizza brands in the world. The narrative of the commercial captures the sentiments of every Pizza Hut lover and goes on to show what makes Pizza Hut the superlative brand it is today. The visuals showcase the exotic ingredients & generous seasoning on a super tempting Pizza by Pizza Hut. The taste is so compelling that one slice is not enough.

A simple storyboard rendition captures the craving of a man who just wants to eat a delicious pizza with a fluffy crispy crust and ingredients and will not settle for an unpalatable serving bought by him from an another pizza brand. To do so, he interchanges his pizza for a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza and realizes that it is the best offering that he could have wished for.

 The film opens with two men sitting alongside, to eat their respective pizzas. While the first man begins to have his pizza from the blue box, the second man with a pan pizza from Pizza Hut, steps out to take a call. In the meantime, the first man suddenly notices the hot piping and freshly made serving of Pizza Hut pan pizza and quickly interchanges the two pizzas. He relishes each bite of the Pizza Hut pan pizza and experiences a gastronomical delight. The film goes on to showcase the softness of dough used at Pizza Hut, the freshness of the ingredients and appetizing look of the pizzas. It concludes with the second man walking back to his seat and finds unappetizing pizza slices lying in his box. The TV commercial humorously affirms that ‘Think Pizza Think Pizza Hut’.

Link to the video:

About Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut, the world’s leading affordable casual dining and delivery restaurant brand, has been present in India for 20 years. It made its foray into India with a restaurant in Bangalore in June 1996 and was the first international restaurant chain to pioneer this category. The restaurant brand offers an exciting menu consisting of its signature pizzas, appetizers, pastas, desserts and beverages. Its trademark dining experience has been recognized by Brand Equity to make it the ‘Most Trusted Food Service Brand’ for 11 years in a row. Pizza Hut was recently awarded “Food Service Retailer Of The Year 2016” by Franchise India. With over 70,000 footfalls per day across all its restaurants, Pizza Hut is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion in life, small or big. Pizza Hut with presence in over 100 countries is one of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands Inc. which also has KFC and Taco Bell under its umbrella.



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