•  When you move out alone in the world, you tend to find,meet and get to know new people. You are not confined to our own kind.
  • You can do anything, you are not dependent on your friends to take or make decision, you are solo and the world is yours. Do whatever you want to do.
  • You become more confident when travelling alone.
  • You become more capable of doing things that normally you woudnt do.
  • Get to know about different cultures, traditions, rituals etc. Which is really important.
  • Once your back, you will have stories to tell, memories to live with and a different personality.
  • Incase you havent travelled solo, then you are a bird in a cage that needs to be set free.dsc_0091

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  1. Inspiring! I really want to pluck up the courage to travel by myself!



  2. I completely agree, the best thing about solo travel is finding out who you really are


  3. Preveena says:

    I did travel alone once, but wasn’t too adventurous then. I regret it now. I hope I have the courage to travel solo soon.


    1. Hi. Can you write about your experiences and mail us? We would love to share the problems which people face while travelling solo


  4. Preveena says:

    Hi! I am happy to share my experience. I am used travelling with a group of friends most of the time and have always enjoyed it. The one time I travelled alone was for work to London. I extended my stay to see the city, booked a hotel at the heart of the city so that its easier to travel around. Finally when I began my holiday, I wasn’t sure of my safety. I only went out when there was daylight and got back to the hotel before sunset. It was the fear of the unknown. I think I am more courageous when I am with someone rather than being alone. But now I really wish I had explored the city better rather than succumb to my fears.


    1. Hi. Can you write a proper experience and mail us at we would backlink your account with the post


  5. The girl on a move says:

    Short and sweet quite precised. and i agree with your points. here is a link to my view on solo travelling.


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