White Peaks Home Stay


People living in metropolitan areas are keen to take a break from their daily routine and hectic lives. Mountains are the best place for an escape for those kinds of mini-holidays. Not every resort or home stay can give you the peace you want. If you want to relax and enjoy the true serene beauty of the nature, you should definitely choose ‘The White Peaks Homestay’. This beautiful home stay is located in Gagar, a small village close to Nainital in Uttarakhand. Settled in the hills with dazzling views of lush green mountains and miraculous terraced fields, White Peak Homestay provides an extraordinary experience for everyone who loves to travel and explore the world.


View from the cottage

There is a small uphill walk to reach this Homestay from the main road. As soon as you enter the cottage premises, you can see an endless panoramic view of the majestic snow-capped mountains. There is a courtyard which offers you a breath-taking view and you can sit there and just enjoy our tea/coffee and read your favourite book while falling in love with the place. The cottage has a splendid living cum dining room, a beautiful fire- place and a huge pile of books to choose from. With massive windows to let the mornings in and elegant furniture, the cottage is beautifully decorated with family pictures of the owners on all the walls.


The decor is very classily done and every corner of the house brings out the subtle elegance with beautiful art themes. A really tranquil vibe runs throughout the house, making the space ideal to just relax, re-energize and enjoy all the beauty around you. If you a nature lover,
the continual walking trails in the adjacent oak forests will surely urge you to stay outdoors.The cottage is a small, comfortable space, with 2 bedrooms on the first floor and a living and dining area on the ground floor. The rooms are elegant and decorated with antique furniture, wall rugs and a writing desk. The rooms do not provide television (you don’t need one to be honest), but they do have a good collection books and novels. There are modern heaters in the room and the washrooms are equipped with geysers for hot water. Both the rooms have a common deck to enjoy the sunlight along with chairs and tables to enjoy the overlooking snow peaks of the Himalayas.


The cottage is managed by a very experienced care-taker (Mr. Mohan) who welcomes visitors into the cottage with so much love and affection. Mohan is an outstanding cook and prepares some scrumptious homemade meals for travellers during their time at the cottage. He takes care of you and makes you feel completely at home.

White Peaks is also a PET FRIENDLY cottage! You can stay here along with your pets and spend some quality time.


One Reply to “White Peaks Home Stay”

  1. It really looks like a beautiful place! Especially on Mr Grumbert’s first day of work back at home. Would love to relax there instead…


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