Smoothie Factory

Smoothie factory is another amazing snack joint situated in SDA market, New Delhi which offers you Quick Bites and delicious Smoothies. The interiors are well done, specially the graffiti and quirky wall arts. No one wants to stare on an empty wall ;). The sitting arrangement is small yet cosy and at the same time clean and hygenic. It also offers you the outdoor sittings, perfect for winters.

We decided to head to Smoothie Factory to quench out our thirst and to relax the taste buds.Their menu is quite good, they have Smoothies, FlatBread Sandwiches, Pastas and what not. We decided to try out different things, as it was our first time at the outlet and we wanted to make the most out of it.
Our Order:

•Peri-Peri Chicken Sandwich- Its was super spicy but we coudnt resist having one bite after the other.

• Flat Chicken Pepper Bread- Medium Spicy and Cheesy.

•Blueberry Smoothie- Loved it! Consistency was thick.

•Choco-Hazelnut Shake- Perfect Balance of Hazelnut and Chocolate. Again loved it!

•Choco Chip Waffles- Waffles can never go wrong!


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