Occasions to Cheer with Mahou Beer

6 Occasions to cheer with beer

Let’s be‘er’ together!


The ‘oh-so-lovely’ occasions to cheer with beer are many but the reason to cheer is the same – yes, the all-time favourite – beer. We put in some of the best and awesome occasions when people cheer with beer.

1) I-got-promoted-beer:

Good news! The long due acknowledgment of your work slogging it out for long nights on end to get that appraisal and appreciation from your bosses has finally been acknowledged. You are promoted! Well, you get beer for your peers to cheer with you and celebrate the joy. You might want to enjoy this time with some strong beers – like Dare Devil that has a characteristically strong and slightly bitter malt aroma and its base notes reflect the fruity flavours. A product in the semi-premium category brewed in India, it has a warm gold colour with a crystalline aspect.

2) Thank-God-it’s-Friday-beer:

Blessed is the second when you realize fantastic Friday is here and the weekend will follow. We doubt if you head home straight before making a customary stop and grab a couple pints of beer to pop and chug. Spend your Friday with BIRA White, the delicious wheat beer with low bitterness and a hint of spicy citrus taste.

3) Oh-its-lovely-weekend-beer:

So, the football match is on Saturday and you have been waiting for this weekend. Why not grab your favourite beer and enjoy the much awaited game with your friends? Enjoy the game with Mahou Clásica, a premium lager that comes with a tinge of fruity flavours and that maintains the original recipe, taste and quality given to its production since 1890.




4) For-Ol’-time’s-sake-beer:

That pending plan which gets cancelled again and again but has finally come to life when your gang decides to catch up for old time’s sake. And what better way to revive old, unusual and weirdly hilarious memories than with beer. The wonderful range of craft beers at Doolally in Pune and The White Owl brewery in Mumbai are the favourite of people to reunite with the old buddies.

5) It’s-a-lonely-night-beer:

This happens when you find yourself comfortable in your pajamas, sit in front of your TV and wonder what will make this night less lonely without having to talk to anybody(which is why you’re alone by-the-way). And there you go! A companion as chilled out as beer with zero expectations to have you talk is all you need.

6) Summer-is-here-beer:

Although it feels that summer arriving is just an excuse to have beer, it’s universally accepted that beer is the go-to drink when ‘the sun is out, the sun is almost gone, the night is here’ during summers. Anyway, even during winters when the sun is piercing through the cold winds, you will find yourself with beer. Enjoy the summers with the wide range of craft beers at The Beer Café with the company of your friends and some good music.

A fun fact: after reas, you might already be extra thirsty and you may want to head out and get yourself beer. Go grab your favourite suds and enjoy!



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