Diabetic Food Trail

There are millions of people suffering from diabetes in india. But major population doesnt know the complication it brings. Prevention is always better than cure. 

Diabetic food trail is all about awareness. Started by Mrs Seema & Manoj Pinto last year to urge the restaurants to curate and serve sugar free or diabetic friendly menu. Their efforts to make people aware about diabetic complications is a just a beginning because current lifestyle getting diabetes at an early age is prominent. 

When the trail started we had no clue hows is it going to be. Thinking about sugar free dessert never crossed our mind. But the place me went and the desserts we had was one out of the world experience. Having desserts guilt free, never imagined it. The efforts by diabetic food trail and the participating restaurants created a magic, sugar free desserts. 

Their vision is to see everyone healthy and diabetic friendly.


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