Swagath- Defence Colony

​Swagath is one place that will never disappoint you when it comes to relishing your taste buds. It is inevitable to be impressed by this legendary restaurant which follows a legacy of taste and yet serves innovative food.

Swagath is known for its coastal food and also for the flavoursome Indian food. No matter what you opt for, it will definitely leave you wanting for more. While your tummy may want to put a stop beyond its capacity, your taste buds just wouldn’t agree. 

Their menu houses unending variety of coastal and Indian food and the highlights in coastal food are pomfret, ladyfish, crab and gassi (a coastal curry). Their seafood is extremely spicy and contains generous quantity of coconut. The best part is that it’s fresh just the way one would want it. 

We ordered a plethora of things to eat as we went in a large group. The food we ordered came very swiftly without making us wait for too long and was served with a pleasant smile on face of the staff.

A few things worth ordering here are:

Chicken Malai Tikka – very delectable and finger licking good

Crispy vegetable – Crispy to the core

Mutton seekh kebab– Juicy and succulent

Nachos – very different, it’s more of a fried roti served with tempting dips.

Tandoori chicken – Perfectly roasted

Paneer Tikka– It was soft and perfectly marinated

Cigar rolls – Its cheesy can one of my favourite

Dal makhani – one of the best I’ve had in a long long time. Rich and typically Punjabi in taste.
They also have a great armoury when it comes to mock-tails too. A few that we could try and taste were:

Kiwi heaven – kiwi crush with sprite giving you a tangy taste of kiwi

Gold medalist – strawberry crush and banana pulp making you feel all the sweetness

Fried ice cream – vanilla ice cream coated with a shell of cornflakes 

Tutti fruity – this was really the show stopper and show stealer. I just couldn’t share it with anyone and had it all by my own. Sharing it is a sin.

The restaurant has revamped their look and interiors in past few months. I went their after 6-7 months and they didn’t fail to make my visit memorable yet again. To cover their entire menu I would have to set a weekly reminder in my phone to come and eat here. If you are planning to go out for a nice family get together or a big feast with your friends then this is your place to be.


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