Factory by Sutra

FACTORY BY SUTRA, is an authentic Microbrewery & Pub. Set up on 12,000 sq ft. area in Sector-29 – the food-hub of Gurgaon. Factory by Sutra’s ambience and theme gives you an ideal Factory feel instantly. The interiors & décor has a great “WOW” factor. The unique facility of a dedicated co-working space on the first level allows you to embrace a chic way of working; it adds a lot of value to the place and is perfect if you like working for yourself and not by yourself! Factory is a fresh take on a cafe’, microbrewery and co working area all combined to create a unique and beautiful space that is fun, energetic and inspiring.

Factory’s Micro-Brewery Plant and machinery is an integral part of the interiors. The Factory theme and décor, which is very raw, the large Container and brewery lay out to completely bowl you over. The beer is handcrafted by the Expert brew-master on site – hence it’s called “Craft” beer. Factory by Sutra boasts of its quality, unfiltered fresh beers full of Proteins. The Beers on offer are German Lager, German Wheat, Dunkel Wheat and Irish Black.

The authentic Indian, Oriental & European delicacies along with selected Mexican and Turkish Flavors truly compliment the beers.  The Live Pizza Section offers variety of Pizzas, North Indian Kebabs, Karari Roti is a speciality. The freshly brewed & hand crafted beer is the highlight of Factory by Sutra; the cocktails made by the charismatic bartenders are, to really vouch for. Apart from this, bar menu also offers the best varieties of Champagnes, Wines, Premium Single Malts, Scotches, Cocktails, Mocktails, Bourbon & Irish Whiskey.

Factory by Sutra menu offers enticing North Indian, European & Oriental cuisine consisting of Salads like “Ceasar Salad”, “Beetroot & Malta salad”, “Non-Veg Kebab platter” etc. The main courses consisting of variety of “Indian & Oriental” made by our experienced Chef’s, “Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce”, “Kolkata Rolls”, “American Chop suey” etc. For the Indian taste buds a must try dish is their “Factory Special Paneer tikka”, “Dahi Ke Kebab”, “Seekh E Nazakat”, “Achari Chicken Tikka”, “Amritsari Macchi Tikka” etc. The variety of Burgers, Desserts is the other delicacies from the Chef’s at Factory by Sutra.

This place is our new spot to chill in Gurgaon now. Amazing décor and very stylish interiors along with large copper beer tanks on display makes Factory by Sutra commendable. There are alcohol bottles placed on one of the walls that looks fabulous and different. The first floor has indoor seating with an awesome environment to enjoy your drinks. The terrace area is great during the winter evenings with a soothing environment. The brick walls and unique lamps over the wooden tables make this place a perfect spot to spend some quality time.

The menu is huge with tons of variety to choose from. The chef personally meets you at the table and recommends the best dishes. The service is superb and the staff is quite friendly and attentive. But what makes this place stand apart from all the other breweries is the quality of beer. One of the best we ever had!!  The food is super delicious and mouth watering and you would always want to order more and more. The place is quite affordable and pocket friendly.

What we recommend:
*Dilli 6
*Kurkuri Bhindi
*Chilly Chicken Pita
*Dumpling Platter
*German wheat beer
*Lemon Garlic Fish

All we can say is that, this place is a must try for everyone!

Meal For Two-₹1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Address-Sector 29, Gurgaon


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