The Green Snack Co

Indulge in guilt free snacking and ‘Taste the Goodness’ in every bite!


‘The Green Snack Co’ offers authentically healthy and tasty snacks with a unique range of Kale Chips and Quinoa Puffs. Busting the myth that tasty food cannot be healthy, ‘The Green Snack Co.’, a brand by Control Alt Foods Pvt. Ltd. introduces a range of distinctive and delicious kale chips and quinoa puffs. These mouthwatering snacks are available in three exciting flavors each and come in attractive packaging. Kale chips are prepared through a unique process of dehydration that does not involve baking or frying while Quinoa puffs are roasted, that keeps the nutrient value and raw goodness of the ingredients intact.


 Binging on munchies remains the favorite pastime for all of us! However, the lack of healthy snacks in the market leaves us to chips, sevs and other unhealthy, artificially flavored options to choose from. Providing a perfect alternative to these unhealthy snacks, ‘The Green Snack Co.’ introduces flavorsome kale chips and quinoa puffs offering consumers a delicate balance of authentic health and great taste. Striving to make healthy snacking a way of life, these snacks will offer consumer the freedom to snack without any guilt and urge them to ‘taste the goodness’ in every bite.



We were blown away after tasting both the products. Our taste buds were as confused as a tangled wire. Initially, we were not able to understand its flavor and how just a simple idea can be transformed in something so delicious. We have never come across anything like the products from The Green Snack Co.  After trying all the available flavours, we came to a conclusion that this is our new favorite snack food. We recommend you to buy plenty of these, just in case!

The company has pan India distribution and the products are available in more than 20 cities – via retail and online channels. The brand is also available in superstores like Foodhall, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Modern Bazaar, Hypercity to name a few.

‘The Green Snack Co.’ products are the ultimate snacking option that promises to deliver complete fulfillment to both – your fitness goals as well as your discerning palate!


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