Wai Wai City


Food lovers have a new hangout destination as the iconic noodles brand Wai Wai, opens the first in their chain of quick service restaurant, Wai Wai CityThe flagship outlet at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi is designed to bring Wai Wai close to its young fans offering vibrant interiors with never before flavours and taste at pocket friendly prices.


The interiors have been done very neatly. The colors on the wall and the art work is so amazing, that you keep staring at it. Bright tone colors have been used which makes the place feel very calm. This place is a great spot for friends or families to spend sometime and enjoy their meals. It gives a very positive vibe to the place and the smell of Wai Wai makes you very joyful as soon as you enter the place. You would straight away order your Wai Wai and even go for another round just to try the different varieties because it is delicious.

The menu presents interesting and lip smacking twist to Wai Wai, making it more flavorsome and appetizing. At the noodle bar section, one can choose among the different type of noodles – Classic, Crunchy, Roasted and Pan Fried, Sauces – Thai Holy Basil, Garlic Soya Oyster, Spicy Kung Pao, Masala Fusion etc, vegetables and a variety of add ons. It is an aromatic experience as well as a visual treat to see each dish being prepared with fresh ingredients right in front of the customers.


Bang Bang- roasted noodles with Szechuan sauce, Bangkok Express– crunchy noodles with Thai Holy Basil sauce, Piro Hero– classic noodle with Spicy King Pao sauce are some of the unique dishes to binge on. Not to forget the amazing array of inventive drinks and delicacy desserts to truly satiate cravings!


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