Spa At Heiwa Heaven


Sound Massage and Meditation to facilitate Stress Reduction, Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation “That’s a SPA”. It’s an amazing experience!

There are different kinds of massages that  spa center provided, such as:

Deep Tissue
Balinese Massage
Thai Massage
Swedish Massage etc.
Every massage has its own way of treating you, and you also get the option of choosing different oils i.e Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil etc.


On our vacation to Heiwa Heaven, spa was the first thing we did as soon as we reached the resort. Vacation should always be relaxing, so a spa should be on your to do list. After a short nap we went for our spa. Prior booking is required for the spa. We chose their Swedish Massage, but we were not given an option to choose the oil before the massage.

As soon as you enter the spa premises, you feel a positive vibe. At this spa, you get the same gender massage and there is no other option to choose from. The spa was relaxing to the core, all the stress and tension was relieved.


There are several setbacks which the resorts needs to look into. The music played in the background is not at all soothing. Ambient lighting is a must for a spa, which the spa lacked. You can hear the television outside which is a big turn off and also one can hear people mumbling. So basically the ambiance needs to be modified because a spa is 50% about the ambiance and rest the massage and comfort. But, overall it was a very good experience and we had a good time at the spa.

Read more about the hotel on my friend Sudipto De’s Blog Here


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