Food At Heiwa Heaven

A pure vegetarian resort exposes you to flavours you might have missed out being a non-vegetarian. We being hardcore non vegetarians, it was a refreshing veggie delight for us. There are times when people say what options does a vegetarian has? Heiwa Heaven actually answered that question, and it was bang on. The restaurant’s interiors have been done in a way that it feels you are in a middle of jungle. The concept of the restaurant was brilliant and it was different.

For lunch we were served Paneer Makhani, Malai Kofta, Chole, Bhindi & Dal Tadka with mixed raita, 3 different types of achaar and assorted breads. Each bite took away our memories of being a non vegetarian. The dishes were cooked to perfection. It had just the right amount of spices that were needed to make it super delicious and mouth-watering.


After completing one serving, we went for another round of the food as we could not stop ourselves from eating the lip smacking food. The service was excellent which made our lunch even better. Now we can surely say this place is actually a heaven for the food lovers.

For desserts we were served Ice Cream & Gulab Jamun, both were good.

After the superb lunch, it was the time to try some authentic Rajasthani food for dinner prepared specially by the chef for us. For dinner we served a Rajasthani Thali which consisted of five or six different rajasthani dishes. The food was flavorsome and scrumptious. We ate as much as we could but still wanted to have more as the food was super appetizing and was served with love and affection.


Read more about the hotel on my Friend Sudipto De’s Blog Here.



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