38 Barracks

We have always been huge fans of themed restaurants and the concept of 38 Barracks totally blew us away. The interiors are beautiful with dim-lights and military memorabilia on the walls gives it a very positive vibe when you enter the café.


When you are in the F&B industry, it’s always an honour to sit and talk with a chef. The only way we truly understand the food is when you sit down with the chef himself and chat about it. At 38 Barracks, we got an opportunity to share a table with the famous and a Michelin (the internationally acclaimed platform that recognizes and rewards masters in the field of Culinary Arts, for innovativeness and flavours of the food) recorded Chef Mr Gautam Chaudhry. He is the master behind the lip smacking food at 38 Barracks situated in M Block, Outer Circle in Connaught Place.


The food at 38 Barracks in phenomenal and makes you go for some more. The presentation of the dishes is very innovative which shows how the chef has incorporated his inventive skills. From Paneer Barrel Tikka to Keema Stuffed Samosa to awesome cocktails and other drinks, we were actually thrilled to see what all was on the table for us.


#Watermelon Amouse Bouche– A palate cleanser, served as soon as you dine.


#Chicken Harissa Tikka – Soft and juicy chicken tikka pieces made out of harisssa recipe.


#Olive Chicken Satay -Chicken skewers served with dip, Highly Recommended.


#Beetroot Galouti –  Melt in Mouth and Crispy Outside.


#Clash Of Clans – Fish & Chips and Ajwaini Mahi Tikka Served on the same platter with French Fried as sides.


#Soldier’s Mirchi Vada – Delicious and crispy. Mirchi was just for the flavour which made it even better.


#Battalion Samosa Booster – Old school samosa stuffed with keema and served as a chat. The most innovative dish served.


#Gosht Ki Galouti and Ulte Tawe Ke Paranthe – Melt In Mouth


#Paneer Tikka Barrels -Paneer tikka shaped in the form of cylindrical barrels. Highly Recommended.



#Murg Banjaara – A platter consisting of chicken, Dal Makhni, Salad and Mint Chutney served with Naan.

#Rara Soya – Soya Chaap with served with yellow dal on the side.


#Brownie Sundae with Ice-cream


#Baked Rasgulla Pie With Vanilla Ice Cream



After having the mouth-watering food at 38 Barracks, we are sure you will be totally full. In order to make you comfortable, the chef brings you : A digestive Mocktail ‘Liquir Tanker’. Served in a small tanker, it is minty in flavour and yes it helps you digest all the food you had.



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