DRAMA-Upside Down Bar


When I entered this place I was expecting some bollywood filmy style wall art going by the name “DRAMA” but in reality the ambience of this place is more about “The Upside Down Bar”. Whole interior of Drama is loaded with books, show pieces, table lamps and many more things in an ulta pulta manner. Thankfully the seating is placed in the right manner and the couches and stools are not Ulta Pulta. But all this gives a little refreshing and new feel to the place, setting you free from the mundane ambience of most of the pubs in town. The wall art is going to teach you some drunk facts about chemistry which you never knew before.


DJ’s space will catch your attention instantly as you see a huge Formula One Car hanging, attached to the wall. This is  indeed eye-catching attraction for this place. This place has 3 floors and a roof-top seating. But the best place for me was the small seating space just a little above the roof-top. It gives you amazing view of the surroundings and neighborhood. On a chilly night in winters, this will probably be the best place to sit in town.

There is a lot of thought put in creating the names of the dishes served here. The names reflect amazing innovation and creativity. The place is paradise for Vegetarians too, plethora of options for vegetarians too. Best part is that even though the menu is extensive there has not been compromise with the taste and quality of the food. Also, the presentation and plating of food is full of innovation too. That is one striking feature here. A few things worth mentioning and trying here are:

– Fusion of white rum,benaras betel leaf,mint and INDIAN condiments.
To be honest this drink was all about paan flavour, the tinge of sweet paan was pretty strong.

– Great Fusion of shaken orange juice,coriander leaves,fresh lime,tequila and a splash of honey water topped with kamikaze foam. Not a tequila guy, but every gist of it was admirable.

CHATPATI CHAMELI –  a fusion of vodka and homemade tamarind syrup. .
ANGRY DRAMA – Chilli infused vodka which goes straight down giving you a burn lasting for 4-5 minutes.

Masachos – Masala nachos with properly spread melted cheese served in a upside down umbrella.

Grilled Pinwheels – borwn bread stuffed with seasonal vegetables and cheese, available with chicken and prawns also for non-vegetarian.

Baba Ghanoush –  Peppers, Eggplants and garlic & tomatoes toasted between multigrain loaf served with hummus and pickled carrots.

Tanchurian – Manchurian Balls skewed with grilled onion, tomato and bell peppers

Bambaiya Soya Wings – Soya chaap nicely marinated with spices and cooked over grill.

Kurkurey  Tandoori Paneer –  authentic malai paneer tikka served with crispy brown onion, rice papad and dip inside a cage. It’s a mouth melting paneer and completely delicious.

Surprisingly this place also prepares amazing North Indian Cuisine. I tried Dal Makhani and Patiala Paneer with tandoori roti and it was yummy to the core.

If you plan to spend some good time with great food, good music and innovative ambience then Drama should be on the cards!! Have a Gala Time!

Address: J-2/19, 1st – 3rd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
Cost For Two:  Rs 1400 for two people (approx.)


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