McCain Foods

McCain Foods Limited is a multi-national company and is the world’s largest producer of French Fries and potato specialties. About 1 in every 3 French fries consumed in the world today is produced by McCain.

McCain range of products available in India includes international range of frozen products like French Fries, Super Wedges, Smiles; Indian ethnic specialties like Aloo Tikki, Chilli Garlic Potato Bites, Veggie Nuggets, Veggie Burger Patties and Potato Cheese Shotz. These products could be used both as base products for a full meal or as starters.  But they are mouth-watering both ways!

Bursting the Myth: Frozen is fresh!   #frozenisfresh

The best part of frozen goodies is that they are easy to prepare. Since pre-packaged frozen snacks are ready to cook and are shelf stable, one can easily stock the freezer to save time planning, shopping or preparing snacks which makes the party time much more awesome!

Taste Matters!    #tastekanayamagic

McCain food is really Taste Ka Naya Magic. The products are delicious, crunchy, and scrumptious to the core. The best part about McCain foods is that it oozes out goodness in just 3 minutes. One could serve them as appetizers for the evening or as flavorsome sides to the main course or as crispy nibbles with the cocktail menu. These scrumptious snacks are a perfect choice for all occasions.

Let’s do something new!   #let’sinnovatewithMcCain

McCain has a wide range of product to satiate the foodie in you. From the masaleedar fries to the cheesy shots, one can choose their delight and then make new recipes with it. McCain chef too innovates with the products and brings out new recipes. McCain food has recipes like the Mumbai Chaat, Aloo Tikki Wrap, Dahi Aallo Chat, Wraps, Cheesy baked fries to name a few.

But We Made Our Own Recipe: The Fingerlicious Sandwich Served With Potato Wedges.

*Brown Bread- 2 Slices
*Mccain Veggie Finger- 6 Pieces
*Amul Garlic Butter
*Chipotle Mayo
*Cheese Slices- 2 Piece
*Iceberg Lettuce

For Sauce:
*Hung Curd- 250Gms
*Mayo- 4 Tbs
*Spring Onion- 3

In a non stick pan shallow fry the McCain Veggie Fingers. Take the brown bread slices; on one side put cheese and on the other side put chipotle mayo. Then put the iceberg lettuce and a cheese slice in each of the sandwich. Now put the shallow fried fingers between the 2 slices and grill them for 5 minutes, the bread should become dark brown in color and crunchy. Serve the McCain Potato Wedges as the sides.

For Sauce:
Take the hung curd in a bowl and add mayo and spring onion in it. Now sprinkle some salt and pepper, mix well. Serve it with the sandwich.


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