Smoke On Water

Smoke on Water, the first tap-your-beer Gastropub, is now open in Delhi’s most renowned and oldest hub Connaught Place. The industrial rustic set up concept offers an experience of sports by the day and rock by the night. Stuti Dixit and Mayur Mathur are debuting in the hospitality industry with this unique concept.

Smoke On Water
Smoke On Water

The interiors of the space have a rustic feel with light-colored brick walls, shades of grey and exposed ducts. 20+ flat screen televisions offers its guests a rare experience of not only watching the pre-recorded concerts of the famous rock musicians, solo album videos but also can choose to bring their whole family to root for their favorite sports team on match days. There is a special wall that has been dedicated to ‘Slash’ from the Guns N Roses fame, who unarguably is one of the greatest solo guitarists. The restaurant is an 88 seater with approx. 2000 sq ft of carpet area.

Smoke On Water

The Gastropub boasts of being Home of The Fiery Wings, offering 16 unique flavors of chicken wings, not existing anywhere else, served with different sauces and seasonings, right from Classic Buffalo Wings to a delicious take on Indian cuisine Tikka Chicken Wings. Creating the traditional American experience with its cuisine the restaurant in addition to chicken wings serves a range of flavor packed big burgers, cracker crust pizzas and other beer favorite foods. It offers a stylized experience of drinking by introducing a state-of-the-art beer dispensing system, the first of its kind. The tap-your-beer-on-table system allows guests to pay by the ounce rather than the conventional pint or glass.

Must Try:
Love is in the air (LIIT)
Kala Jamun Pahua Cocktail
Kiwi cucumber Cocktail
Classic Buffalo Wings
Potato Nuggets


They aim to combine thematic rock music experience with an all-day sport with the flavors from the West. Smoke on Water is the ideal casual dining space for rock lovers, beer lovers and youngsters looking for value for their money.

With a never-before-existent experience, Smoke On Water sure is the ultimate destination for rock, beer and sports.


Smoke On Water




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