Crosswinds Villa- Nainital

IMG-20160703-WA0037 Crosswinds Villa is a luxurious villa adorned in the tranquil beauty of Gethia near Nainital. It is a nature lover’s paradise as it is surrounded by the beautiful majestic hills. The clouds are always floating carelessly with the gentle breeze and you will surely be taken away into a different world by this serene beauty. The villa is beautifully decorated with all the modern equipments and facilities which will make you feel totally at home. The villa has 6 rooms with large king size beds and all the rooms have balcony which makes it perfect to enjoy the view. Stylish furniture, comfortable seating and soothing colours on the walls give a very pleasant feel to the living area. The visitors can relax at the beautiful deck area ideal for tea time or just gazing at the stars. To make it even better, the villa offers a barbeque at an additional price where you can enjoy a mix of vegetarian and non- vegetarian options. The villa has its own cheerful and experienced staff that will cater to your needs and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Crosswinds Villa is a perfect gateway which makes it the best family holiday destination. The picture perfect view from the villa re-connects and re-energizes you with yourself or with the nature thus making Crosswinds a perfect setting.


How to Reach: The villa is around 300 kms from Delhi and bout 28 kms from Kathgodam Railway Station. It will take you between 7-8 hours to reach if you are driving.


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