Lord Of The Drinks Forum


The name might just confuse you with Lord of the Rings Trilogy. While Lord of the Rings might be a visual delight, our very own Lord of the Drinks Forum is a gastronomic delight (which on any given day is above any other delight). The Co-creators Priyank Sukhija and Saurabh Mehta have come up with yet another place which gives you an Upscale feel in a pocket friendly way. This prodigious place outsizes most of the other pubs with its enormous space. And before you enter this humongous district, right at the entrance is none other than The Iron Throne, from the flamboyant Game of Throne series which might call for a selfie moment.


The door just left to this mind-boggling throne takes you inside an beguiling cyclopean. The first thing you note is the exquisite placement of the tungsten bulbs giving this place a orangish hue, almost making this place appear like your next party pit. There is quite a lot of space to move and the seating area with leather seating which makes it absolutely comforting. To add, there is also a private area on the upper deck which is apt for big groups (if you have a gang, there is enough space to repose).

There is a eye-popping bar when you move a little further after entering. And that’s where our prime focus should be because it’s here that most of us feel like a love-struck emoji. They serve some excellent drinks with mixology personified. You would definitely not want to stop once you take up to the drinking course. The mojitos are very refreshing and mocktails are tempting. You might want to try Pineapple & Mint Cooler (truly justifies it’s name), Signature Chapman (a little tangy, a little sweet).

The Shakes are thick, frosty, smooth, whipped blended, creamy, frothy, refreshing and satisfying and delicious.

Their signature cocktails worth trying are:

Spicy Love – a drink made in tequila base mixed with cranberry ice topped with red bell pepper, coriander and other spices (it will leave you spellbound)

Mexican Magic – tequila based cocktail with orange ice, pomegranate ice and orange fog (gives you the “mamma mia” feeling)

That is not all, there is a lot more in the artillery to get you drunk – Black Jack, Calypso Coffee, The Chuski Bar (Vodka & Rose, LIIT with Kala Khatta).

The food is a change of taste with its own delicious twists and turns. One can see perfect fusion of innovation and well-seasoned culinary art which makes the food absolutely delectable, scrumptious and enticing. The presentation and plating is remarkable,

We ordered:

Parm-style Chicken Sliders which were crispy, spicy and extremely palatable.


Waffle Bruschetta – flavorful creamy mix of roasted veggies, topped with caramelized onion and goat cheese which I personally feel should be called Wafflhetta (We certainly could have shared a second order, though that is more a reflection on the otherworldly taste than the portion size)


Paneer Tikka – mouth watering, properly spiced up and a handsome quantity.


Some more things worth relishing are Pasta, Lord of Veggies Pizza, Spanish Pizza and Baked Butter Chicken Penne.



The menu is extensive, incorporating plethora of delicacies picked up from multi-cuisine across the globe.

To top it all, extremely generous service staff on their toes to make your visit a memorable one. Undoubtedly this Forum is Yet another reason to party, yet another reason to have fun, yet another reason to fulfill your food-lust. Just wondering, why not drop the “drinks” and call it “Lord of the Forums”


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