Cafe OMG is a place where you go through heaven to get to hell and it’s totally worth it. The Angel wall art welcomes you to this well decorated, differently designed, one of a kind place. Looks like big fish venture keeps surprising us with amazing places all the time. The ambiance get full marks for their soothing interiors.


This place has two sections – Heaven and Hell.

The first floor is designed to give it a heavenly feel while the second floor opens its door to hell. As soon as you enter the Heaven section of the cafe, you can see the ceiling is made up of cotton clouds and the ambiance and the decor is done brilliantly with golden hues and red seating.

The second floor that takes you through hell is still under construction. We wonder what this part of the cafe has to offer now?

The food is delicious and mouth-watering and the presentation of all the dishes is outstanding. The menu offers a wide range of dishes and cocktails to choose from and you will definitely be amazed with the innovation and techniques used for preparing the cocktails and their classy taste. The music keeps you engaged with the scrumptious food and yummy cocktails and you will surely loose track of the time at this cafe.

In appetizers we ordered Veg Philly Spring Rolls, Chicken Bruschettas and Achari Vada Pao & A Cocktail Names Tangerine.

*Veg Philly Spring Rolls– Are different and extremely tasty, well fried and soft.



*Achari Vada Pao– Stood by its name and was delicious and chatpata



*Chicken Bruschetta– The bread was fresh and the chicken was tender



*Tangerine-Whisky based cocktail with a sugar ball placed on the mouth of the glass, one needs to break it with a small hammer provided with the cocktail. The Taste was good but the sugar part was too sweet for us.


The bar is huge and serves quite a few different types of alcohol which is amazing. To all the foodies and party lovers, this  place is paradise. If you’re bored of mundane places in CP, then do check this out and you’re gonna love it.


Address- 14-15, 2nd Floor, Block F, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Meal For Tw0- Rs 1800 With Alcohol (Excluding Taxes)


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