Garam Dharam- Navratra Thali

With an earthly charm of village huts, posters of his iconic movies and memorable dialogues, a restaurant inspired by veteran actor Dharmendra transports you to the era of the actor’s superstardom. Dharam Garam, Dhaba Te Theka is place for all those who enjoy simpler elements of Life- Good Food and Good Music. This is place suitable for all age groups. It is a warm, cozy, comfortable Dhaba Te Theka style restaurant where each meal is a treasured time to relax and share a bounty of wonderful food with family and friends. Every time you dine with them, you can sit back in the glow of Contemporary Dhaba.


This place has everything from the decor, to the cutleries and even the walls framed movie posters, giving tribute to the legendary actor. As a special bonus, the place also features the classic bike from the movie “Sholay”, which saw Dharmendra and his co-star, Amitabh Bachchan sing the memorable “Yeh Dosti” song.

The restaurant beams with Dharmendra’s popular dialogues pasted on the walls, from his classic “Basanti” line to the recent, “Pehle ek Hindustani ko samajh lo… Hindi apne aap aa jayegi” from “Apne” which also starred his sons, Sunny and Bobby.

The restaurant echoes all the popular movie posters of the actor, including “Chupke Chupke” “Pratigya” and “Sholay”. Dharmendra’s popular dialogues can also be seen pasted on the walls.

With Navratras going on, garam dharam people thought, why not serve the delhi people with a feast of navratri food. So that people can enjoy their outings without any hesitation.

Dishes served in the thali:
  • Sabudana kheer
  • Plain curd
  • Kuttu atta puri
  • Jeera aloo
  • Seetaphal sabzi
  • Swaar ki kheer
  • Sabudana tikki
  • Aloo sookhi sabzi
  • Paneer tikka
  • Paneer bhurji
  • Saudana papad
  • Mixed fruits



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