The Addams House


A new brewery in Gurgaon ‘The Addams House’ takes you back to your childhood memories of the popular TV cartoon of 90’s- The Addams Family. They have drawn inspiration from the cartoon series for their interiors and décor and it makes you feel you are actually at the Addams Family House. The most striking feature of the brewery is the red color stairs and large walls arts which gives a haunted feeling. The bar is placed in the centre and the place offers different seating options which include comfortable sofas and high rise chairs. The lighting is dim which gives it a perfect scary house environment.


The Addams House is spread over 2 floors and a nice roof top. The wall art on the first floor with a shark eating a man is spooky and gives you chills but at the same time it goes very well with the place. The roof top looks beautiful with white décor and big lamps hanging from the top. The music makes the place perfect and complete and it keeps you engaged and entertained. The menu is enormous with many options to choose from. The names of the dishes are quite different and the food is absolutely appetizing with the presentation even better.

TFB Recommendation: Drinks

Under the Lurch Lights (Cocktail)- The presentation was good. The ingredients of this cocktail made it differ completely. A Must try !!


Murder in the Vineyard – The Classic Sangria. Tasted good.


TFB Recommendations: Food

Spice Crusted Paneer Tikka
– The paneer was soft and very well cooked.


Lamb Stuffed Chilli Poppers – The concept of stuffing lamb into chilli was something different and the taste was exceptional.(Misplaced the pic)

Bacon wrapped Steak Bites: Bacon wrapped on steak. The taste was good, tenderloin was well done.


Bloody Mary Shrimp Shooter: Shrimps served in a shot glass dipped in bloody mary sauce. Delicious !!


TFB Recommendations: Desserts

Grandmama’s Spell and Lurch’s Lullaby– Exceptionally Tasty.


The Adams House is a great place for tasty food and refreshing mocktails/cocktails with superb service and hospitality. You will love the place as it will definitely refresh your childhood memories and take you back to the era of cartoon network.



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