The California Boulevard


The California Boulevard brings out the lavishness of the ‘West’ for the people in Delhi. As soon as you enter the restaurant, The Walk of Fame takes you directly to Hollywood! A luxurious style entrance with red carpets on the floor and the Harley Davidson which is displayed at the entrance has become a great photo spot for all the diners. The walls are decorated with Hollywood’s most famous stars and the latest Hollywood updates are displayed on LED screens. When we visited the restaurant, the screens displayed all the Oscar 2016 winners which is a very unique and a different concept.



The restaurant is spread on 2 floors with an open seating area for smoking on the ground floor. The open seating area consists of a small waterfall with colourful lighting which leaves you enthralled. The striking features of this area are the two massive Californian Surfing Boards and a La Lakers Basketball themed wall. The bar is situated right near the entrance which is an exact replica of the San Francisco Tram. The restaurant has lush and rich interiors with antique lampposts giving it a vibe of an old English restaurant. The restaurant plays different types of music which keeps you engaged and relaxes your mood to enjoy the delicious food.


Their food menu is massive consisting of dishes from over 30 countries with very catchy names. The quantity of the dishes are fulfilling with each bite better than the first. The food is astonishingly scrumptious and the presentation and is even better. The staff is polite, humble and extremely attentive with great serving and interactive skills.

TFB Recommends:

Dilli ki Chaat

Beer Batter Fish


Grilled Lamb Skewers

Vegetable DimSum

Chicken Piccata

TCB Wild Liquid (Vodka Base)

Harley (Malibu, Jager and JD)

Classic Tiramisu

The Chocolate Bomb

The California Boulevard has re-created the glamorous environment and the magic of Hollywood with its huge popularity and excellent hospitality along with the top-notch ambiance. This place is a must try for everyone and we promise you would leave the restaurant with a huge smile on your face.


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