THE GROGHEAD  is the latest addition in the town. It is a gastro pub with indoor and outdoor seating for the people. Grog is an Australian slang for ‘booze’. The Groghead is a place for people who love experimenting different cocktails. The place is located on the main road of Green Park and spread over approx. 9000 sq. feet with a seating capacity of around 150 people. The place consists of two floors; The 1st floor is dedicated to people who enjoy indoor seating with a cosy environment. The atmosphere and interiors are fresh, inviting, unpretentious but with a healthy dose of quirkiness.The walls and interiors are a mix of rustic and modern, with a bar on the side and a stage at the end for live music. Now talking about the terrace, it is attractively done with a dedicated live bar on one side and a live wood-fired pizza kitchen on other. The vibe in the pub is energetic and live music takes it to another level.

The food and drinks menu has been carefully crafted and curated. A few house specialties – Gin & Tonic Chicken (chargrilled whole chicken leg on skin marinated with Gin, Tonic, lemon juice, basil and other herbs), Rum & Cola Lamb Shank (braised lamb shank with rum & cola glaze), Salmon Khan (Grilled Salmon Steak served on a bed of Vodka injected seared watermelon), Cottage on Fire! (Cottage Cheese Roulade), Aubergine Farcie(stacked ubergine stuffed with ricotta), Balls of Fury! (Jack Daniel’s lamb meat balls), Ravishing Ravioli (chicken ravioli with Jägermeister and tomato reduction) and a variety of wood-fired pizza’s.

The drinks menu is equally phenomenal with quirky cocktails like Naughty Babaji (spiced rum, muddled mint, lemon chunks, honey, Babaji bitters, essence of bishop’s weed, Pakhandi ke goti), The Vamp Diaries (Rosé wine, rose infused vodka, apple juice, red pepper, pink pepper corn, mint, maraschino cherry), Two Gun Slingers (Cachaça, Tequila, thyme, fresh orange juice, jalapeño, sparkling water, celery salt & paprika rim), Paan-tini (Betel leaf infused vodka, TG bitters, peppermint rose rim ), Chlorophyllous Villain (Peach Schnapps, Baileys, Midori), BMW (Baileys, Malibu, Whisky), Bar-gasm (Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua, whipped cream) and many more.

TFX Recommendations– In the cocktail section, NAUGHTY BABAJI & BMW and in food Balls of Fury, Persian Jujeh Kebab and Dio Mio (wood fired pizza).

Address: A-5, 2nd Floor, Green Park Main Road, above Koncept Hyundai, New Delhi-110016.


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