Drums Of Heaven


This restaurant is a Pan Asian delicacy which has been in existence since 1994. We recently went over there and the experience was simply amazing. They have two floors for seating and it’s mainly a family restaurant however they also serve the alcohol & have a separate smoking zone.

The Ambiance is very calm and has Chinese carvings and wall hangings. The sitting is also comfortable.The menu has loads to offer and you can also choose from their Buffet Options, which are pretty reasonable. You can choose from Vegetarian, Classic(Veg+Non veg) & Sea food Platter.They have a special section for Thai food lovers as well.


We ordered Talumein Soup, Spring rolls, Veg salt and pepper, Chicken salt and pepper,Caraway Chicken as starters followed by Claypot chicken And Fried Rice in the main course. The Taste,Quantity,Quality is superb and one cannot get disappointed. Also you don’t have to empty your pocket to have great pan Asian dinner. To admit , one of the finest place to enjoy the Chinese flavors with Indian spices! A perfect place for a family dining.

 No complaints , No grudges ! Just perfect.

Sitting area



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