Brown Sugar (Defence Colony)

Brown Sugar(Defence Colony) has always been our most preferred cafe to go. There is something about that cafe that always pulls you towards it sort of a gravitational pull. They serve you the best Shakes, Momos and Sheesha

  • Quality – The food served is up to the mark, never had to complaint. From Pastas to Sandwiches to Shakes everything is served well on time and with the right quantity. Even the sheesha is very well made.(4/5)
  • Service – Quite good. You don’t need to wait much for the orders to reach you. Even the servers treat their customers well.(3.5/5)
  • Ambiance – The interiors have been redone and the place looks much better now. The white walls and the choice if lighting has enhanced the beauty.(3.5/5)
  • Pricing – It is a cost efficient cafe as compared to other competitors . You wont feel overcharged.(4/5)
  • Must Try– Chocolate Oreo,Strawberry yogurt, Tandoori and Air Fried Momos, Angry Chicken sandwich, Paneer garlic sandwich and Chicken lasagne.4328d206-1f08-40af-b8ba-dd281c2fb4b4_zpsb624byoiIMG_20150502_223647_zpsfh6jnuod17920e20-9c92-4cb4-9cf9-847f7f508398_zpsrpuhar9i

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