Bara Darhi-Westin Gurgaon

  Bara Darhi- Inspired by the by-lanes of Old Delhi

A luxury dining experience coupled with food that is inspired by the by-lanes of Purani Dilli, The Westin (Gurgaon) launches a new culinary venue- ‘Bara Darhi’.

As the name suggests, the new outdoor dining venue offers traditional gastronomical delicacies inspired by the lost cuisine of the by-lanes of Old Delhi- rich in both, flavour and culture. Keeping in mind the same, the décor of the venue encapsulates the by- lanes of Purani Dilli as well, with the seating being a mix of table set-ups, benches and traditional single seaters, to offer guests the feel and appeal of Old Delhi right in the heart of Gurgaon’s cityscape. The lighting is packed with character, incorporating lamps, wall-hangings and decorative lighting.

The spirit of Old Delhi comes to life with live counters, a traditional tandoor and service associates clad in Pathani attire, much in sync with the theme of the venue.

The most essential element of the venue however, remains the unmatched culinary offerings. Patrons are persuaded to be spell-bound by the extensive à la carte selection of rich and luscious gastronomic preparations. Skilled Chefs have hand-picked the right spices and ingredients to give their diners an honest and ideal taste of Purani Dilli.

Some of the must-try dishes are Chicken Bara Darhi, Mutton Burrah, Tangdi Kebab, Paneer Tikka, Mutton Nahari, Chicken Qorma, Paneer Changezi, Khameeri Roti and Sheermal.


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