The Big Chill Cakery

The Big Chill Cakery (Khan Market)
We all have a Sweet tooth. No matter how stuffed up we are,we can still make a little place in our stomach for a piece of dessert.

We have always been a fan of ‘The Big Chill’ desserts and it was a surprise when they opened their own bakery called as The Big Chill Cakery’.
Lets enter the world of The Big Chill Cakery!

Starting with the exterior of the cakery, it gives you a very warm feeling. It’s a mix of the color mint and pink which is quite summery. Just like ‘the big chill cafe’, the interior of the cakery is quite unique. It has a very English feel to it. The place is cosy and the variety is enormous. From pies to cakes, from tarts to cup cakes, they have got it all. On my visit there I ordered a Devil’s Food Cake and a Chocolate &Vanilla Bean Mousse, and all we can say is they lived up to our expectations.

The cake was very well made with layers filled with chocolate and the taste was divine. Also the mousse tasted amazing and was very soft. We also ordered Hazelnut and Belgian
Chocolate Shake. They were good in quantity and consistency was thick.

The Cakery also has wide variety of Cakes, Mousse, Tarts, Cupcakes, Cookies,
Doughnuts, Brownies, Ice-creams and Yogurts.

At last The Cakery will be give a tight competition and definitely will win !
Do visit to the enter the whole new world of the The Big Chill.


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